Still Blocked, Kailyn Lowry Publicly Apologizes To Costar

If it hasn't already been recognized, Kailyn Lowry feeds off the drama with the costars. The most recent news has

Still Blocked

If it hasn't already been recognized, Kailyn Lowry feeds off the drama with the costars. The most recent news has been about her lawsuit with Briana DeJesus and her exes. But, taking a break from that, there is a new feud in the air and potentially the healing of an old one.

Kailyn Betrayed By Her Podcast Co-Host

On a recent episode of Teen Mom 2 Lowry opened up about being betrayed by her friend and cohost Vee Rivera. The pair host a podcast together called Baby Momma No Drama (Ironically) but fans are now curious if the show is going to continue on with both hosts amid recent issues.

Lowry revealed that some years ago before her and Vee were close, Vee had called Javi to share details about Lowry that were half true and half false.

In a clip of her talking to Leah Messer she shared, "Vee comes into my office and says 'I told Javi about your pregnancy with Lux.' Javi told me that back four years ago, Vee hit him up on social media and was like 'I'm tired of your looking stupid, I'll tell you everything. Let's meet up.'"

Lowry revealed that Javi and Vee met up in a Target parking lost "in the night" and "she told him about me being pregnancy with Lux." She added in that Vee not only leaked her pregnancy but she also included "a complete lie." Lowry shared that Vee told Javi "that my miscarriage that I had with him may not have been his."

Being very unhappy Lowry expressed, "I never cheated on him, and that was a planned pregnancy. So for her to place doubt in his mind… That part was unforgivable because [to this day], Javi will say, 'I don't know if that baby was mine.'"

Lowry followed up with sending Vee a "long text message" about her feelings towards the entire situation. And, her co-host responded with grace and said "that she completely understands" and "she's sorry."

Blocked But Still Apologizing

Although Lowry is blocked by Jenelle on social media, she still made sure to publicly apologize for wrongfully accusing her of leaking her pregnancy news. She wrote a heart felt message to twitter, leaving viewers curious is Jenelle will respond.

Lowry captioned on Twitter, "I can't tag Jenelle bc I'm blocked."

She continued, "After seeing this week's episode, I wanted to address my story line and the information I found out because I know i blamed the wrong person for leaking my pregnancy news with Lux. With that being said, I wanted to formally apologize to my former co-star, Jenelle, for wrongfully accusing her of leaking my pregnancy with Lux."

Lowry didn't undermine her hurt for not being able to reveal the news herself saying, "I've been very open about the fact that I know my life is in the public eye and sometimes people forget that I am human very real feelings are involved. This was one of those times that I was extremely hurt, and still wish I would have been able to announce my pregnancy on my own terms."

She concluded with saying, "All in all, no one likes admitting when they're wrong, but I was wrong here, and I wanted to extend that apology to Jenelle. I am sorry,"