Briana DeJesus Tells ALL On Awkward Run-In With Kail Lowry At Teen Mom 2 Reunion

As fans of Teen Mom 2 are likely aware by now (if they read online news), the season 10 reunion began taping

Kailyn Lowry and Briana DeJesus

As fans of Teen Mom 2 are likely aware by now (if they read online news), the season 10 reunion began taping yesterday. Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the reunion was taped virtually; however, that did not mean it didn’t have lots of drama. 

In fact, there was even an awkward run-in between Briana DeJesus and Kailyn Lowry.

Bad Blood Between DeJesus And Lowry

Kailyn Lowry Teen Mom

As fans of the series know, there has been bad blood between DeJesus and Lowry for some time. When DeJesus joined Teen Mom 2 (as she had formerly been on Teen Mom 3), she began dating Lowry’s ex-husband Javi Marroquin. This didn’t sit well with Lowry and the two got into a near-physical altercation at the reunion. 

Since then, the pair have not filmed together during a reunion and the cast has not been seen together in full. This all changed yesterday, though. 

The Reunion Is So Awkward!

DeJesus exclusively spoke to CELEB today to confirm that, due to the reunion being shot virtually, ALL of the cast appeared together during a segment that was taped yesterday and things quickly took an awkward turn.

“The reunion was super awkward in general, especially during the last segment, which was when we were brought out all together (virtually, of course),” DeJesus began by sharing with CELEB.

“This was obviously the first time Kail and I had appeared on camera together since our infamous ‘reunion fight’- which, by the way, occurred YEARS ago and (to me, at least) is LONG in the past,” DeJesus elaborated. 

So then what happened? 

DeJesus went on to reveal that “Dr. Drew (who, as fans know, hosts the reunions) decided to ask Kail how it was to see me on camera and how she felt about it. In true Kail fashion, she  was exceptionally cold and said she didn’t care to comment.”

“I’ve been clear in the past that I’m over the drama from years past,” DeJesus elabroated, “so I decided to pipe in to comment. I told Kail that it wasn’t that serious, I was happy to see her, and wished her nothing but the best going forward. At that point, Kail still refused to comment and didn’t say anything.”

Kail Will Be Kail

DeJesus went on to share more, noting that “It’s clear she still has a grudge against me… which, given the news of her arrest yesterday, one would think she’d have better things to worry about like dealing with the courts for allegedly beating her baby Daddy instead of me. But, Kail will be Kail and there’s no changing that- and, frankly, I don’t care to.”

“I kept it classy and she kept it exactly what would be expected,” DeJesus added. “She’s immature and shows no growth. It’s sad.”

Teen Moms Not Friends?!

Teen Mom Briana DeJesus

Aside from awkwardness between Lowry and her, DeJesus went on to explain there was another strange moment during the segment where all of the women appeared together.

“There was also an awkward moment when Dr. Drew asked who from the cast actually talks,” DeJesus explained. “People have always known Leah and Kail to be friends as well as Kail and Chelsea.”

So what was strange?

DeJesus noted that “It came out that none of them really talk and the only cast members who speak to each other on a consistent basis are Jade and I… and that’s that.”

That’s A Wrap For Season 10

DeJesus wrapped with dishing to CELEB that “It’ll be interesting to see what comes out on camera when this airs, but I’ll reiterate- I have NOTHING against Kail anymore, but the same can definitely not be said in the other direction.”


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