Teen Mom Amber Portwood’s Ex Andrew Wants to Move Their Son James to Malibu

Teen Mom's Amber Portwood may be facing a private nightmare in the months to come. Portwood is in court with

Teen Mom Amber Portwood's Ex Andrew Wants to Move Their Son James to Malibu

Teen Mom's Amber Portwood may be facing a private nightmare in the months to come. Portwood is in court with ex Andrew Glennon fighting over the future of their son, James. Glennon has plans to move out of Indiana and wants to bring their son with him – and Portwood would find it even harder to spend time with him. It's not a done deal yet, Glennon still has to prove to the court that it's in James' best interests – but it's a nightmare scenario Portwood may feel she has zero control in as it unfolds in the courts.

Moving to Malibu?

Unfortunately for Portwood, Glennon is planning to move to Malibu and take their son James with him. Currently, Glennon lives in a home owned by Portwood in Indiana.

But, according to Glennon, Indiana has a lack of opportunity in the filmmaking industry and he needs to move somewhere more lucrative – like, say, Malibu.

Luckily for Glennon, he has a mom who owns a sprawling mansion in Malibu – convenient, that. It's a 5 bedroom, 5 bathroom house with a swimming pool and 5 acres in one of the nation's most exclusive zip codes.

Glennon's mother Charmaine Witus revealed in court that there's a small guest house on the property, where his sister and her fiancé live – so it'll be a nice little family reunion if the court approves it.

The Trouble with Moving – The Court Must Approve

Unfortunately for Glennon, it's not as easy as telling the court you intend to move – and going. Because he's moving so far from Indiana, it would make it much harder for Portwood to keep a relationship with their son.

In court, Glennon testified that he intended to keep a relationship going and healthy between their son and his mother. The Sun reports, "When he was asked about the proposed parenting time schedule for Amber, her ex said he would allow her visitation: ' Three every month, three times a month for 10 hours at a time.'

He also is asking for no overnights, and that her parenting time be exercised in California."

Now the court has to decide whether that would place an unrealistic burden on Portwood and interfere with her parenting rights or not. According to Glennon, he can't find work in Indiana – but has three jobs on the table in California.

However, none of those jobs are in filmmaking, so he will need to now explain to the court why he will accept jobs out of his industry in California but not do the same in Indiana. Glennon referred to the disability he suffers from due to his fully fused right angle – but then denied that he's seeking disability for that, despite filmmaking being a very physical job.

Per The Sun, "'What steps have you taken to obtain employment here in Indiana, after the end of your employment with Viacom in 2020?,' the attorney asked of the former Teen Mom cast member.

'I got picked up by a film group in Canada to do a small courtroom shoot that was for about $250 bucks.'

'Okay, and have you applied for jobs?,' she pressed.

'I'm a full-time father so I'm doing what I can while spending as much time with my son. There's no industry out here,' Andrew shot back.

The back and forth continued, with Andrew revealing that Amber had told him he should get a factory job, and when her attorney asked why he hadn't tried that he said he couldn't because of a 'fused ankle.'

'Have you applied for disability because of your fused right ankle?' she asked to which Andrew replied that he had not before the attorney continued to ask questions about the physical nature of his job as a cinematographer- the job in which he first met Amber doing."

Ultimately, there is a rather compelling reason why Glennon would want to move and why the courts may approve the massive change in James' life: Portwood's domestic abuse history. The pair seemed to be doing well as they dated from 2017-2019 until reports surfaced that she had threatened him with a machete and engaged in other domestic violence against him.

It's understandable that he would want a fresh start far from Indiana, even if the job situation seems a little shady. Hopefully they can work something out that allows Glennon and James to thrive – but keeps Portwood in her son's life.