Teen Mom’s Briana DeJesus Spills the Dirt on Split Between Kailyn Lowry and Leah Messer

Fans of Teen Mom's Kailyn Lowry and Leah Messer were surprised and dismayed to find that their faves were suddenly

Teen Mom's Briana DeJesus Spills the Dirt on Split Between Kailyn Lowry and Leah Messer

Fans of Teen Mom's Kailyn Lowry and Leah Messer were surprised and dismayed to find that their faves were suddenly on the rocks after years of friendship. It seemed abrupt and out of the blue; they were friends, and suddenly they weren't. No one could make head or tails of what happened between them.

Now, clarify may be coming from an unlikely quarter: Lowry's enemy, Briana DeJesus. DeJesus says she knows why the besties split, and she seems happy to spill the dirt. It turns out the split was as sudden as it seems, but the reason is a little on the flimsy side – if true.

Briana Spills the Dirt on Kail and Leah

Fans have been watching the dissolution of the best friendship between Lowry and Messer with no small amount of confusion. The pair suddenly turned hostile and began taking passive aggressive swipes at each other through social media.

So how do you go from BFFs to "best not test me"? DeJesus says she knows what happened.

The Sun reports, "In a deleted exchange with a fan – which resurfaced on Reddit – the Teen Mom 2 star weighed in on their feud.

A follower asked: 'You think she's mad that you and Leah are friends? Lots of laughs.'

Briana shared her thoughts: 'That's what I was told.'"

It all apparently started when Messer "liked" a post DeJesus shared about self-growth. It felt like a betrayal to Lowry, according to DeJesus.

Per The Sun, "She claimed that Kailyn reportedly told Leah: 'We don't need to be friends if she cherishes that friendship more.'

Leah's reported response was that she has 'grown and can be friends with whoever she wants.'

Another fan replied that Kailyn was being 'petty.'

Briana concluded: 'I can see how you would say that but my best friends would never like her posts or even talk to her.'"

DeJesus then added that she can see why she's upset. After all, someone who's got your back doesn't just turn and agree with your enemy – right? Which is exactly how Lowry would have seen the gesture on social media.

Whether or not someone agrees with DeJesus that it's understandable for Lowry to feel betrayed, one thing about this whole thing is surprising: DeJesus doesn't find fault in Lowry's reaction.

That may the biggest takeaway from the whole thing.

The Messy Friendship Ending

While it does seem exceedingly petty, remember that Lowry and DeJesus until recently have been embroiled in a lawsuit. Lowry sued DeJesus for defamation, and their feud has been at an all-time high especially in the wake of rumors that DeJesus and Lowry's ex Chris Lopez got a little cozy offset of a podcast they filmed together.

The judge dismissed the lawsuit in favor of DeJesus, leaving Lowry feeling frustrated and adrift.

This is a time when you'd need your best friend more than ever.

Unfortunately, tensions were already building between Messer and Lowry after Messer appeared on the Reunion episode with DeJesus and wasn't mean to Lowry's enemy, according to The Sun.

Apparently, Messer's social media "like" was just the straw that broke the camel's back. The two immediately started trading passive aggressive posts about each other, referring to one another as "narcissists" and unfollowing each other on social media.

It was the worst time imaginable for Lowry to be best friendless, but some fans say she brought it on herself by trying to control who Messer could and could not be friendly with.

On the other hand, DeJesus does bring up a good point; a ride-or-die would usually stay away from someone's enemies, wouldn't they? It's a messy situation made messier now that Lowry has lost her lawsuit and may be on the hook for $120K in legal fees for DeJesus.

If she's tired of fighting alone, Lowry may choose to apologize and win back the support of one of the people she needs the most right now; but we won't hold our breath.