Seeing Double? Teen Mom Chelsea Houska’s Husband Looks Just Like His Brother

Every now and then, older siblings look like they were just copy and pasted onto the younger one. Genetics can

Seeing Double? Teen Mom Chelsea Houska's Husband Looks Just Like His Brother

Every now and then, older siblings look like they were just copy and pasted onto the younger one. Genetics can do crazy things and sometimes, it creates lookalikes a few years apart.

That is definitely the case for the husband of Teen Mom Chelsea Houska, Cole DeBoer, and his brother. Fans are even jokingly doubting that the two are actually two years apart – and it's easy to see why there's so much hubbub when you see the rare pics they shared this week.

Not Twins, For Real?

Houska's husband Cole shared some adorable pics of himself and his older brother Brock.

Brock normally stays out of the limelight, so it was a bit shocking to fans when they opened up Instagram to see – two Coles??

Turns out, they aren't twins at all. Brock is two years older than his younger brother. But whatever mom and dad did to make Brock, they managed it again exactly two years later.

However, if there was any danger of not being able to tell the two apart, there's one defining difference – Brock has long flowing locks, compared to Cole's short cut.

When you see a pic of the pair lined up together, they're identical; the same smile, same jawline, same eyes. They even have the same wrinkles around their eyes when they smile.

Brock is just a little bit taller – a difference we're sure he capitalized on when they were younger, as brothers do.

Fans were tickled pink by the resemblance, per The Sun, "… the uncanny resemblance didn’t go unnoticed by the home builder’s followers, who rushed to the comments section.

'Now I know what you’d look like with long hair. Twins!' one wrote.

Another agreed: 'Same guy, but with long hair.'

A third asked: 'Are you guys twins? I have an identical twin and it’s so fun. If you’re not twins, you certainly look like twins.'”

The elder edition of the DeBoer brothers works as a porcelain artist in Los Angeles, a very different life from his design-and-farm-loving brother and sister-in-law.

Selling the Farm

Houska and DeBoer have been making headlines recently for that farm life, in fact.

They recently completed construction on a new farm house in South Dakota, and sold the one they originally built and moved into in 2020.

In addition, the pair is planning to host their own HGTV design show that should air starting in 2023, called "Farmhouse Fabulous."

The show combines Cole's construction and design know-how with Chelsea's interior design passion, and some fans are excited – but others are a little skeptical.

After Chelsea walked away from reality TV, some fans took it personally and find her return to the spotlight a little hypocritical.

However, there's no comparison between a show that follows your every intimate moment and puts your mothering on full display to the world to judge – and one where you're judged on your interior design skills, when and where you agree.

Houska and DeBoer are also embroiled in a lawsuit with Houska's former partner Envy over social media revenue they were entitled to and claim she never gave them. Houska and DeBoer say that Envy in fact shorted them, not the other way around.

But amidst all the internet judgment and legal troubles, it's good to see the family spending some time together and enjoying the simple things in life – "twin" Brock included.