Teen Mom Chelsea Houska Confirms- “I’m Pregnant!”

While there are always rumors of pregnancies in the Teen Mom world, very infrequently do they turn out to be true.  Recently,

Chelsea Houska

While there are always rumors of pregnancies in the Teen Mom world, very infrequently do they turn out to be true. 

Recently, there have been a lot of rumors speculating that Teen Mom 2 star Chelsea DeBoer (AKA Chelsea Houska) is pregnant. While Chelsea is never one to respond to rumors or entertain tabloid fodder, she finally issued a response today… by confirming that she IS indeed pregnant! 

Chelsea’s Family 

As fans of Chelsea’s known, she already has three children. Her first child, Aubree Skye Lind-DeBoer, was born on September 7th, 2009. The father of this baby is Adam Lind, Chelsea’s ex.

Chelsea Houska's children

While Chelsea tried to make it work with Adam for a while- much to the chagrin of Chelsea’s father Randy Houska– the pair never were able to make it work.

Chelsea Meets Cole DeBoer

In 2014, Chelsea ended up meeting Cole at a gas station and it was truly a “love at first sight” sort of situation. Unlike Adam, Cole was the perfect man for Chelsea in all the ways she needed. He was kind, supportive, and did not have legal or drug problems. 

Chelsea Houska and Cole DeBoer

After Cole proposed in November of 2015, the pair ended up getting married in October of 2016. Before this, Chelsea had revealed she was pregnant with the couple’s first baby.

Then, in January of 2017, Chelsea gave birth to Watson Cole, her first son (and first baby with Cole).

In March of 2018, Chelsea and Cole announced they were having another baby. In August of that year, Chelsea gave birth to Layne, another girl. 

Baby Talk

While Chelsea and Cole already have a big family, they have openly discussed wanting another baby.

In a conversation with E Online from last year, Chelsea stated that “We definitely want more kids—at least one—but I think we’re going to wait probably a little farther than the last two babies. Maybe when she’s two, we’ll start thinking about it.”

“But there will be more,” Chelsea added at the time.

The Pregnancy Rumors…

For the past few weeks, fans have been speculating that Chelsea may be pregnant. 

Chelsea Houska who is pregnant

These rumors have arisen due to:

  • She had more or less “disappeared” from social media, posting only twice in six weeks
  • In the posts that Chelsea had shared, she had been photographed from the neck up, leading fans to wonder if there way a baby bump she was not yet ready to show.

It’s True!

Today, Chelsea took to social media to confirm the pregnancy!

Cole DeBoer and wife Chelsea Houska

While Chelsea has always been inventive in her baby announcements, today was no different. Here is how she announced it:

As can be seen in the above, Chelsea inscribed her name, Cole’s name, and each of their children’s names on a piece of wood on the new house they are building. She then added “Baby” at the bottom, with a heart.

“One more DeBoer!” Chelsea captioned the exciting news.

Chelsea added that the baby is due in “early 2021.”

This is so exciting for Chelsea and her family.

This week has been chock-full of Teen Mom baby news, as it was also reported Chelsea’s co-star Kailyn Lowry gave birth to her fourth baby.

Congrats are in order for all!