‘Teen Mom’ Fans Spy With Their Little Eyes, A Single Leah Messer?

Must all good things come to an end? As much as we would like to respond to that question with


Must all good things come to an end? As much as we would like to respond to that question with the word 'no' we know that we'd be lying to ourselves if we did. And, Leah Messer might be today's proof of that.

If you haven't been caught up, Messer has been in a wonderful (well, what looks wonderful from the outside) relationship with Jaylen Mobley. Back in September 2021, Messer revealed to Entertainment Tonight that her new beau was checking every box. "When Jaylan started checking all the boxes and characteristics that I had been looking for in a partner, I won't even lie, I was taken back. He's so compassionate, caring, patient, kind, thoughtful, has a great sense of humor, is adventurous, and LOVES kids. I swore he wasn't real," said Messer.

Since her interview the couple has made major moves. They celebrated a milestone birthday together for Messer, started a dog family, and even moved into a home together that Mobley purchased for them. So like, where's the problem right? Why are fans speculating a break-up?

Well, naturally we assume that social media is the "tell-all" of everyone's lives. And, it's due to the couple recent activity (or should we say inactivity) that has fans sniffing out a break-up in the air.

“Pic Or It Didn’t Happen,” Right?

The rumors of the couple's split caught a spark when one fan's wandering eye became a Reddit post. They wrote, "They went from posting professional photoshoots every other day to not having posted a photo together on Instagram since May 3rd. Theories about what's going on?"

One commenter speculated, "They probably already broke up." Another one chimed in, "They broke up… It is weird they would suddenly not post for a month when they just moved into a new house together… I definitely think something is up."

However, a break-up isn't the only theory that these fans have. Other's added in the idea that she might be pregnant. One user wrote, "I think she's pregnant. They're curating the announcement and photo shoots." Another agreed, "She's pregnant!"

Third Time’s The Charm But Maybe Not For Leah

During the show's previous season finale, Messer and Mobley had a candid conversation about marriage and kids. But, it didn't go the way that fans [or Mobley] was expecting.

Together on a drive in the car, Messer and Mobley got into the topic of marriage and kids. Mobley excitedly shared, "Hell yeah I wanna get married. I wanna get married, I wanna have kids, I wanna do the things that most people get to experience." However, Messer's response didn't come with as much excitement.

The twice divorced mother of three replied, "Never getting remarried." She continued on with questions, "Why do you need marriage documents or legalized documents, can't you just be in love, be happy, have a family, and not have to have these sealed documents?"

Mobley, looking visibly upset, replied, "Yeah." And, Leah added in the final word saying, "Sometimes traditions are annoying."

Fans of the show ran to the comment section to sympathize with Mobley who has yet to experience marriage or kids of his own.

One fan wrote, "Jay, you might wanna take a step back. She doesn't want what you want, so don't settle." Another said, "His face made me sad for him. I've been in that very moment so I know exactly how he's feeling." While a third chimed in, "Poor guy never got to experience it [marriage], but she will give in when time goes by. Love their maturity."

Currently, Messer appears to be on a trip with her girlfriends with not an ounce of Mobley in sight. This too has left fans curious about the status of their relationship.

But, looking at it from an outsiders perspective, we think it's safe to say that it's going to be one of three things: a break-up, a pregnancy secret OR maybe the couple is just practicing setting healthy boundaries with social media and taking a cleanse to get started.