Teen Mom’s Farrah Abraham is Pursuing a Comedy Career – with Howie Mandel’s Help

Farrah Abraham is one of Teen Mom's most talked-about alums. Whether people were gossiping or speculating, Abraham's name has been

Teen Mom's Farrah Abraham is Pursuing a Comedy Career - with Howie Mandel's Help

Farrah Abraham is one of Teen Mom's most talked-about alums. Whether people were gossiping or speculating, Abraham's name has been in many mouths ever since she first appeared on the show as an original member of 16 & Pregnant. Despite the criticism, despite the trauma of losing her child's father in a car wreck before their daughter was even born, Abraham has found a way to thrive, carving her own path forward. Now, Abraham is taking that tenacity and skill to the comedy stage – and she's getting a big name to help her along the road to laughs.

Farrah Plans to Make us Laugh

On April 5, TMZ broke the news that Abraham was out of her treatment center and looking to become a comedian. In response, Abraham shared a tweet that said, "All I can say is #12steps & trauma programs really work- I can now laugh at trauma rather then be stuck and hide in my house from it blessed & ready to laugh with ya’ll #standup #comedy."

Abraham was in treatment to deal with past trauma that has led her to some questionable choices – such as slapping a police officer – and now she's out and ready to turn her pain into humor. It's a common coping technique for those with deep-seated trauma to use humor. For instance, Robin Williams, one of the greatest comedians of the '90s and '00s, struggled with mental health and trauma, but was considered one of the most compassionate and funny actors of his age.

It would appear Abraham wants to do the same with the pain she's been holding onto; a far healthier outlet than picking fights with cops.

TMZ writes, "We talked to Farrah, who was with her 13-year-old daughter, Sophia, and 'Mob Wives' star Renee Graziano, leaving the SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills Monday … she says she's proud of herself for getting the confidence to perform, fighting her fears of getting on stage. She wants to have fun with everyone at the end of the day, saying, 'comedic relief is everything that we need.'

She says her time in the treatment center helped her get to the bottom of her trauma, and thinks her experience was life-changing. Farrah says she's learned how to move past points in her life that caused her pain, and focus on the good things in life"

In addition, Abraham is enlisting comedian Howie Mandel to help her come up with some material. The Ashley's Reality Roundup shares, "'I think I would really appreciate my voice in stand-up comedy,' she said. 'I’m meeting with Howie Mandel tomorrow.'”

Farrah Through the Years

Abraham has been in the public eye for years now, and so much of it has been accompanied by negative rumors and press. Here's a look back at some of the things Abraham has dealt with – along with her faux pas and triumphs:

  • 2008: Abraham and Derek Underwood conceive daughter Sophia, but the pair breaks up. Before Sophia is born, Underwood dies in a car crash.
  • 2009: 16 & Pregnant airs, and the world watches as Abraham goes from dealing with a deadbeat ex to one who was quite literally dead – the heartache and frustration that comes with knowing your daughter's father can't be around.
  • 2010: Underwood's death wasn't really addressed until Season 2, and over the years more about the fraught relationship leading up to his death has been revealed piecemeal. E! News writes, "'The last time I saw Derek was when I was five months pregnant,' Farrah said, tearing up, on a 2016 episode of Teen Mom O.G. 'My dad and Derek pulled knives on each other and called the cops on each other and it was really sad.'"
  • 2010: That same year, Abraham's mom Debra Danielson is arrested for a domestic assault charge against Abraham, having choked and hit her as they argued about "child care" and other issues.
  • 2011: Abraham moves out and attends Fort Lauderdale Institute of Arts, pursuing a degree in culinary arts and management.
  • 2012: Abraham released a memoir titled "My Teenage Dream Ended" which talked about Underwood's death and the tension with her mom. According to Abraham, the tension between her and Underwood was due to her parents, and it was to please them that she encouraged producers to keep his story out of the show.
  • 2013: Abraham sells a sex tape that she made with porn actor James Deen.
  • 2014: Abraham released a line of sex toys and wrote three erotic novels.

Abraham made an attempt at a run on Teen Mom OG, but the fact that she was still pursuing adult entertainment career options voided her contract.

Love her or hate her, Abraham has always done what she needs to do to support herself and Sophia. Given the turmoil of her young life and the trauma that comes from losing the father of your child before the child is even born – she's doing pretty well for herself.

And now, we get to hear Abraham turn that turmoil into comedy.