Teen Mom’s Farrah Abraham Causes Uproar For the Way She Treated Sophia While Sick

Teen Mom's Farrah Abraham may be the most polarizing cast member – and that's saying a lot. Whether you love

Teen Mom's Farrah Abraham Causes Uproar For the Way She Treated Sophia While Sick

Teen Mom's Farrah Abraham may be the most polarizing cast member – and that's saying a lot.

Whether you love her or you hate her, almost everyone knows her, and almost everyone has an opinion on Abraham's life choices. The reality star definitely started out her life with daughter Sophia with one of the most challenging hands dealt to any of the stars – and considering what she's had to overcome, she's done pretty well for the two of them.

But critics are slamming her online after clips reveal the harsh and "awful" way she spoke to a sick daughter Sophia who wasn't well enough for Easter events – and it may put a damper on her plans to adopt another child.

Little Sophia Was Feeling Unwell

It all started on Easter. A resurfaced clip from season six of Teen Mom OG has fans crying foul after the way Abraham treated her daughter – and it's re-sparked a dialogue about their relationship.

In the clip, Abraham pushes her way into Sophia's room. Sophia is lying in bed in her pajamas.

Abraham tells her to get up and get ready for an Easter event – but little Sophia isn't having it and refuses to cooperate.

Abraham, who appears harried and frustrated, tells her she can't come, to which Sophia responds by knocking around a stool.

Abraham grabs her daughter by the wrist, and tells her to get dressed.

The Sun reports, "'I don't know why Sophia needs to act like a heathen, get up there,' she yelled, while pushing her daughter up the stairs.

'Sophia is too stupid to get ready. It's not my issue right now.'

Her mom Debra tried to diffuse the situation, explaining that Sophia was feeling sick.

Farrah shot back: 'I gave her medicine, I already did that stuff. It's ridiculous how she's acting. Between the two of you I don't know what's more irritating.'"

Abraham ended up leaving Sophia at home and heading out to meet her boyfriend at the time, Simon.

Fans immediately slammed the behavior.

Per The Sun, "One raged: 'She called her daughter a heathen and stupid. She is absolutely the worst. I hope Sophia writes a memoir one day.'

Another added: 'I didn't realize she was sick until they said it at the end. Like wtf. No wonder she was acting out!'

'And she called Sophia stupid. She is disgusting. Farrah is completely unable to handle a child. Period.'

A third wrote: 'She’s always been monstrous to everyone around her. Awful.'"

Farrah Has Been Focused on Some Big Life Changes Recently

Abraham is always stirring up one controversy or another,

Whether it's letting 13-year-old Sophia pierce her septum or filming her own adult movie – Abraham always has a way of getting tongues wagging.

Recently, those tongues have focused on some of her new life plans: a comedy career, and adopting a child.

On April 5, TMZ broke the news that Abraham was out of her treatment center and looking to become a comedian. In response, Abraham shared a tweet that said, "All I can say is #12steps & trauma programs really work- I can now laugh at trauma rather then be stuck and hide in my house from it blessed & ready to laugh with ya’ll #standup #comedy."

Turns out, comedy legend Howie Mandel will be helping her launch that career- as weird as it sounds.

And then, Abraham broke the internet by announcing she was hoping to adopt – but on the sly, so her child could live a peaceful life under the radar.

CELEB reported Abraham's comments at the time; "[While on Mandel's podcast]… Abraham also discussed potentially adopting a child.

During her time on Howie Mandell's podcast Abraham got onto the topic of adoption. And, although she was open about sharing her interest in it, she admitted to having to 'keep it secretive' if she was to. The single mom shared, 'I think I would just have to keep that, like, secretive just so my child that I do adopt could just really live their best life and not be targeted.'"

Could some of these clips of her previous behavior bar her from adopting?

It's a possibility. But since Abraham has completed treatment, as long as she keeps on the straight and narrow and keeps her behavior positive – maybe she can follow her dreams after all.