Jade Cline’s Baby Daddy Sean Austin Dissolves in Tears Discussing Battle with Addiction

Sean Austin, the baby daddy to Teen Mom star Jade Cline has been fighting to be sober for some time

Jade Cline's Baby Daddy Sean Austin Dissolves in Tears Discussing Battle with Addiction

Sean Austin, the baby daddy to Teen Mom star Jade Cline has been fighting to be sober for some time now. Cline opened up about his struggles with addiction on Teen Mom 2 and during the Teen Mom Family Reunion. For the reunion episode, the mom of one brought her best friend as her guest instead of her longtime boyfriend. And, when asked about it by her castmates she revealed, "My kid's dad is in the same rehab facility, I guess, that one of his family members went to."

Well, Austin has recently returned home from rehab and became emotional talking about his new journey to sobriety.

Facing The Past And Moving Forward

Back in March Austin hosted an Instagram Live chat with his followers and fans to discuss his experiences being on MTV and going to rehab.

He shared with his fans that rehab made him realize that he needed "needed to find" himself. He elaborated, "That's who I need to find at the end of the day was myself and come to terms with things that I haven't came to terms with and get s**t off my chest that I didn't know I needed to get off my chest and unbury everything that I've buried for so long."

One fan asked if it was triggering to watch previous Teen Mom episodes that he wasn't sober for to which he responded, "no."

The reality TV star shared, "It has me shook though because I'm like, 'damn, I actually though I had it hidden well. I actually thought that I had everybody fooled.'" He continued to explain, "It's a perfect example of what I don't want to look like and what I don't want to be portrayed as. It's a good reminder that I'm in a better spot right now and I don't have to live like that anymore."

And switching over to the subject of Teen Mom, Austin revealed that he will be part of season 2. He responded to a fan, "I'm in there. All my boys will be there. S**t. Come on." He continued, "There's nobody from the show that I don't f**k with. I f**k with the whole cast from OGs, the whole cast from Teen Mom 2, the whole cast from even Young & Pregnant. The ones I haven't met yet I can't speak on, but everybody else, yeah. I like everybody."

Sean Austin Get’s Emotional

A clip shared to the official Teen Mom Instagram shows Austin and Cline together at the Teen Mom 2 Reunion discussing Austins sobriety and their current relationship.

The host and mediator of the reunion special, Dr. David Drew Pinsky, asked Jade the first question, "Are you angry at Sean? Got some resentment still from what he was?" To which she replied, "No, I'm not angry with him. I think it was more that I wanted him to see me. To see me hurting and be empathic."

Dr. Drew then followed up with Sean, "Anything you want to tell her about what she's been describing here?"

Austin responded, "She has every right to feel those feelings, that's normal that's human but I can't say sorry enough. the only way that I can really say sorry is to be that man she needed me to be now."

The father of one then began to get emotional as he continued on, "The same thing with my daughter, I was confused. How do I make amends to a kid? But the only thing I can do is be there for her and be [the] dad that she needs me to be."

Cline previously revealed during an Instagram Q&A that alongside rehab Austin has also received counseling and therapy to help him get sober. She has also shared how proud she is of him for making the leap of faith that he has. "So much has changed in our lives and I'm very happy," said Cline.