Teen Mom Jade Cline’s Husband Sean Austin Has a Surprisingly Humble New Job

Teen Mom stars are like mini superstars. They’re known by millions, often loved by thousands, and live their lives on

Jade Cline Sean Austin

Teen Mom stars are like mini superstars. They’re known by millions, often loved by thousands, and live their lives on screen and on social media.

So it might be surprising to some that Teen Mom Jade Cline‘s husband Sean Austin has a new job that is shockingly normal and humble.

The star recently revealed his new career path, and it’s refreshingly wholesome.


Jade Cline’s Hubby Sean Austin Has Wholesome New Job

The holidays are almost here. We’re past Thanksgiving, and inching ever closer to the big Christmas Eve and Christmas Day celebrations.

That means that delivery drivers the world over are busier than ever, rushing vital packages from store to home to make holiday dreams come true.

And now, Cline’s husband Austin is one of those drivers.

The Sun reports, “Sean, 29, revealed that he is working as a UPS delivery driver.

Sean posted a photo of a UPS truck to his Instagram Stories, with a caption: ‘207 stops & 350+ packages. Let’s go,’ with a fire emoji.”

It may not be a glamorous job, but it’s a vital one that forms the backbone of the country’s goods exchanges and package delivery.

And Austin will be the hero of many people this holiday season.

Leah Messer Becomes Center of Butt-Related Rumors

While things are wholesome and hopeful in the Cline/Austin household, they’re getting a bit weird for fellow Teen Mom star Leah Messer.

Messer is currently the center of a firestorm of speculation over whether or not she has gotten butt implants.

CELEB covered this bizarre controversy: “In an online thread, fans became upset and divided as they claimed she got ‘butt implants’ or assumed that she gained some kind of weight as she was working on her ‘revenge body.’

One fan cheered: ‘Did she get her a– done? She looks great.’

Another fan added: ‘Glad to see some badonkadonk in that trunk!’

A third fan assumed: ‘Some people say it’s weight gain, but I do think she got some work done.’

A fourth person suggested: ‘She has a great body. The weight gain looks good on her.’

A commentator chimed in: ‘I really like her new look. She’s holding it together after breaking up with Jaylan.’

So far no word from Leah herself.”

So did she, or didn’t she? No one knows but Leah.