‘Teen Mom’ Alum Janelle Evans Reveals Struggles of Short Moms Parenting Teens

Former “Teen Mom” star Janelle Evans tops out at around 5’1″ – short by most people’s standards. And in a

Janelle Evans

Former “Teen Mom” star Janelle Evans tops out at around 5’1″ – short by most people’s standards.

And in a new series of TikTok videos, Evans is offering a revealing peek into the short mom struggle bus life – and it’s super relatable.

After all, for most moms who never grew in height past “can you please pass me that cereal from on top of the fridge?” there comes a time when your kids surpass you in height – and it comes sooner than you expect it to.

Around the tween and early teen years, most sons will start to outgrow the height of their moms – and they’re never quite ready for it.

Evans made a lighthearted reference to this fact in new TikTok videos, also talking about what it feels like to have a deep conversation with your child as they start to grow into their own.

@jenellelevans Son && best friend 🥰😂 #MotherAndSon ♬ original sound – Famed Flames

On may 10, Evans posted a quick video of herself in the pool rocking some adorable Victoria’s Secret swimwear.

The voiceover says, “Also … I don’t know.” Evans captioned it, “When you get into a deep conversation and then realize you’re talking to your 13 year old …” and added, “Son && best friend.” In the video, Evans looks like she’s about to go off on a rant about something, but then catches herself and shakes her head.

It’s a relatable moment that moms of teens know all too well. Because teens can be so insightful and thoughtful, and you catch yourself speaking to them like you would adults – but then again, they’re just 13. It’s a weird transition period between childhood and teenhood.

In the next video, Evans shared some sweet snaps from Mother’s Day, set to Meghan Trainor’s “Mother.” She captioned the video, “It’s so nice when everyone gets along.” In the video, you can clearly see that her oldest son – 13 year old Jace – is taller than Evans.

@jenellelevans Replying to @Deserae Nicole #growingup #toofast ♬ original sound – Jenelle Evans

A point which fans quickly made in the comment section. One fan wrote, “NO BC JACE IS SUPPOSED TO BE A BABBYYY🥺.”

Another quipped, “How I know I’m old… Jace is closer to the age I was when I was watching the show than I am now… 👵🏼.”

And another fan wrote, “Not jace being taller then you 🥺.”

Evans replied to that comment with a new video.

She says in reply, “Oh, you think that’s crazy? Check this out. Look at this picture I took of Jace. First of all, where’d my little boy go? He’s toning up. He’s buffing up.”

She playfully laments, “where’d all this muscle come from?”

Evans then emotionally asks, “Where’s my little skinny boy? He’s growing up. He’s growing up, y’all.”

She snorts and laughs, then continues in a normal voice, “As soon as I was done taking this picture, I was like ‘Jace, look at this picture.’ And he was like, ‘send that to me.'”

It was a sweet peek into the life of a mom who’s grappling with what it means to have your little babies growing up before your very eyes. While 13 year olds are still very much children, they’re starting to view the world in a way that can be breathtakingly insightful.

And the fact that they’re taller than mom is both a point of pride – and a little bit bittersweet.