Teen Mom Jenelle Evans Reaches Out To Tiger King Star For Private Tour

Former Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans was let go from the show last year. Since then, she has had

Former Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans was let go from the show last year.

Since then, she has had a lot of drama going on in her life. She has left her husband, David, twice, only to return to the infamous “land” they share together both times. She also has developed a following on Tik Tok, where she has gotten both adoration and criticism for her videos.

While many hope to see Jenelle return to their TV screens in some capacity- much ado to the drama that always seems to surround her- an insider recently shared that Jenelle has been trying to get in touch with Tiger King star Doc Antle.

Who Is Tiger King Star Doc Antle?

Those who watched Tiger King likely remember Dr. Bhagavan Antle otherwise known as ‘Doc Antle’.

Antle, who is a Doctor of Mystical Science, runs the Myrtle Beach Safari. In the Tiger King documentary, we saw insinuations that he ran his safari like a cult.

Antle took to Instagram at the time to respond to those allegations, writing the following statement: 

“Tiger King, the new drama series that debuted on Netflix last week, is not a documentary, it is quasi fictional drama, more focused on shock value and titillation than fact. While focusing on the real life rivalry between Joe “Exotic” and Carole Baskin, the insinuation that TIGERS/ Myrtle Beach Safari is a cult that exploits, euthanizes and incinerates tiger cubs, is a reprehensible falsehood. 

TIGERS/MBS has never euthanized any tiger cubs or adult tigers — nor any other animal. The insinuation is as foul as it is without foundation. 

One of our most popular ambassador programs is our tiger cub interaction.  It is important to understand that all of our cubs are born here at the preserve and are part of our breeding program (Species Survival Trust or SST) that is conducted in partnership with Brian W. Davis, Ph.D, Professor of Genomics in the Department of Veterinary Integrative Biosciences in the Texas A&M University College of Veterinary Medicine, and the founder of the Exotic Genome Repository.  This is an important distinction that separates our programs from others.

Our cubs are not bred solely for the purpose of being a part of our interactive programs. They are bred as part of our captive tiger breeding program, which is designed to create a genetic backup for wild tiger populations. And contrary to assertions made in the Tiger King, our tiger cubs do not ever end up in sanctuaries, nor do they ever get euthanized. They remain our babies for their entire lives— either here on site at TIGERS, or they are transferred to an accredited zoological facility that is a partner in our breeding program (SST). We have in depth relationships with dozens of adult Tigers and have more than 30 out on our day and night safaris. Look at my son @KodyAntle on TikToc and IG. He has amazing relationships with so many adult tigers.”

What Does This Have To Do With Jenelle Evans?

So what does any of this have to do with former Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans?

According to a Myrtle Beach Safari insider we spoke to, “Jenelle has reached out to Doc Antle in an effort to try to set up a visit for her step-daughter’s birthday.”

“Specifically,” our source continued, “Jenelle asked if she could arrange a private tour of the Safari.”

“Since Jenelle is big on Tik-Tok,” our source added, “she also offered to film a Tik Tok with Doc Antle.”

So will Doc Antle end up having them at his Safari?

“He hasn’t actually ended up responding to her,” our source also dished. “But, given Jenelle’s husband’s history with animals, it’s highly unlikely Doc Antle would want to welcome them to the safari for a private tour.”

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