Teen Mom Kailyn Lowry’s Boyfriend Revealed After ‘Years’ of Secrecy

Fans of Teen Mom's Kailyn Lowry finally have an answer to a question they've been dying to know: who she's

Teen Mom Kailyn Lowry's Boyfriend Revealed After 'Years' of Secrecy

Fans of Teen Mom's Kailyn Lowry finally have an answer to a question they've been dying to know: who she's dating. After years of speculation and Lowry doing an extraordinary job at keeping things under wraps – seriously, the FBI may want to take tips from this woman – we now have an answer after The Sun did some digging. It would probably all still be secret if it weren't for the fact that Lowry testified in court recently in her lawsuit against fellow co-star and enemy Briana DeJesus.

Answer Revealed: Who Kailyn Lowry Has Been Dating

Fans have been chomping at the bit to know who Lowry is dating, and we finally have an answer: his name is Malik Montgomery. The pair have been hot and heavy for years – possibly since at least 2019 – but Lowry kept it quiet. For someone whose entire life has been under the public's microscope since she was a teenager, it must have been a relief to finally keep part of her life private.

The Sun reports that Lowry admitted to the relationship in court last August, but only recently revealed his name, explaining at the time, "'I have had several relationships on the show fail and, also, just trolls becoming involved in my relationship had led me to not want to have any type of public relationship.'

Back in August, Kail confirmed she was in a relationship in court papers, but she chose not to disclose his identity at the time.

She wrote in the legal documents: “I have been in the public eye since I was a teenager. I am now nearing 30. While I have allowed filming in my home for years, I recently requested that the Series not film about someone I have been dating.

'It is my understanding that this resulted in me not being included in the June 8, 2021 episode of the Series. It has nothing to do with my arrest that was expunged or the allegations that were made against me that resulted in that arrest.'”

Since then, it would seem things have ended. On March 10, Lowry made a supportive comment on his social media. 3 days later, however, Montgomery revealed that he was single.

The Court Case That Shattered the Secrecy

The confirmation of Montgomery's identity came as Lowry battles it out with DeJesus in court. The Sun reports, "Briana claimed in court papers that her co-star didn’t appear on an episode of Teen Mom 2 last season because she didn’t want to discuss the offensive touching arrest, which was later dropped, on camera.

Kailyn hit back that she refused to film because she wanted to keep a romantic relationship private.

In Kailyn’s February 17 court deposition exclusively obtained by The Sun, the mother of four revealed her secret boyfriend to be Malik Montgomery.

She said in her deposition: 'I refused to film about a person I was dating. His name is Malik Montgomery.'"

Fans first met Montgomery when he appeared anonymously on her March 25 podcast. They talked about their relationship but kept his identity under wraps. Now that it's out in the open, the question remains; are they back together, or is this a thing of the past? On the podcast, the former couple discussed the challenges of dating secretly in public. Montgomery shares that he believes she wasn't over ex Chris Lopez 100%, and that trying to date someone he couldn't post about on social media was "irritating."

Whether or not they get back together, Lowry is focused on the ongoing lawsuit with DeJesus. For now, that's taking all of her energy. Lowry is suing DeJesus for defamation after claiming Lowry physically assaulted her ex, Lopez. DeJesus in return is fighting to defend what she says as protected under the 1st Amendment and therefore not subject to a lawsuit. DeJesus' lawyer seems confident that the judge is sympathetic to their counterargument, but how the suit will settle is still undetermined.