Kailyn Lowry Posts About ‘Narcissists’ Amid Ongoing Feud with Ex-BFF Leah Messer

There was a time not so long ago when Teen Mom's Kailyn Lowry and Leah Messer were the best of

Kailyn Lowry Posts About 'Narcissists' Amid Ongoing Feud with Ex-BFF Leah Messer

There was a time not so long ago when Teen Mom's Kailyn Lowry and Leah Messer were the best of friends. Forged in the fires of teenage motherhood and all the challenges they faced, it seemed like their friendship was rock solid. However, a rift between Lowry and the show in recent weeks may have also been the beginning of the end of her friendship with Messer. Now, the pair are trading barbs on social media and the latest post by Lowry mentions 'narcissists' and seems to be aimed directly at Messer's heart. Here's a look at the ongoing feud and what Lowry's newest post means.

‘Narcissists Never Want to Discuss What They Did’

Lowry recently made a post on social media that fans are sure is aimed at Messer. After the pair's friendship turned lukewarm, it appears things are now on fire between them as they no longer hold back – kind of. Although they haven't openly addressed the ongoing tensions, the pair keeps creating cryptic social media posts that appear to be aimed at one another – but no names mentioned, of course.

Lowry's most recent post had eyebrows raised. Lowry shared a text image earlier this week, and it read, "Narcissists never want to discuss what they did, they only want to discuss your reaction to what they did."

The image goes on to add, "They are experts at turning everything around and making it your fault."

Messer hasn't been taking her former BFF's fiery messages lying down either, The Sun shares, "Leah, 29, also posted a cryptic quote about how the 'past is dead to me.'

The Teen Mom star captioned the post: 'Always grateful for the lessons I've learned along the way.' The reality star re-shared a post from the motivational page, Richness Mind.

The text added: 'However, my past is dead to me. I only care about my future and right now.'"

From BFF to Enemies?

Speaking of the past, how do two ride-or-dies get here, with so much animosity? It's hard to say what happened behind closed doors, but CELEB took a look at the first online volleys last week:

Lowry went on an unfollowing frenzy a few days ago. The Teen Mom star narrowed her list of people she follows on social media down to just around a dozen, and apparently cut out former BFF Messer. Fans have speculated that Lowry may have been fired from the show after some off-camera drama and a refusal to film the most recently aired episode, but so far it’s all speculation.

What’s not speculation, however, is how Messer felt about the clapback and Lowry’s assertion that she can no longer trust anyone. The Sun reports, “Leah, 29, made her feelings known by sharing a video of her rapping the words ‘hold up b—h’ in a telling post.

The clip showed the mom of three lip singing to the song 'Do We Have a Problem?' by Nicki Minaj and Lil Baby.'"

It would appear that it all started when Lowry felt betrayed by on-and-off-screen enemy Briana DeJesus. DeJesus seems to have a penchant for getting involved with Lowry's exes, and it may have finally gone too far for the Teen Mom star.

DeJesus shared with mutual ex (and father of one of Lowry's children) Javi Marroquin that she was headed to Delaware to film a podcast. That podcast? None other than a podcast hosted by Chris Lopez – another of Lowry's exes, and father to two of her children. Lowry shared screenshots of DeJesus texting Marroquin and attempting to meet up, and exposed the whole plan to fans who were immediately divided about her behavior.

Some say that DeJesus was up to no good, meeting up with Lopez as she and Lowry are facing off in court over a defamation lawsuit against DeJesus. There's no reason for her to meet up with Lopez, according to these fans – and her motives were nefarious. Defenders of DeJesus remind that it was Lowry who first hosted an ex of DeJesus on her podcast – so there's historical precedence here, and that because DeJesus and Marroquin once dated, there's nothing wrong with them meeting up.

It's a nasty back-and-forth that saw Lopez appearing on Teen Mom, despite his hesitance to do so in the past. Lowry refused to film with him, and rumors have been flying that she may have been let go because of this.

It would seem that in private, Messer may have taken a stance in favor of "No harm, no foul" about DeJesus' meetup with Lopez – which may have turned steamy, if her wearing his t-shirt is any indication. In that case, it would be easy to see why Lowry would feel betrayed, and why she would feel like no one is taking her side. DeJesus even shared an online post mocking no one taking Lowry's side – could it be Messer she's referring to?

Unfortunately, Lowry is increasingly isolated as she prepares to face DeJesus in court. Whether or not her and Messer's feud is related to that incident, this is the worst possible time to be minus one best friend.