‘Teen Mom’ Leah Messer’s Face Worries Fans in New Vid: ‘She Does Not Look Right’

A new video of “Teen Mom” star Leah Messer has fans worried (again). This time, they feel like Messer just

Leah Messer face worried

A new video of “Teen Mom” star Leah Messer has fans worried (again).

This time, they feel like Messer just doesn’t like quite right – and they hope everything is okay with her.

Messer posted the video to social media as they debated the value of Crumbl Cookies in the car.

But sweet treats weren’t on every fan’s mind as a few took to the comments with questions.

Messer captioned the video, “We had Crumbl Cookies for the first time yesterday and we vote that they are worth the hype you all! 😋 What do you guys think?”

Leah debates with her 9-year-old daughter Addie, and 13-year-old daughter Ali.

In the video, Messer glances between what appears to be the road and the camera. Her face is stiff, and aside from her eyes and lips, barely moves.

Some people came to play for the Crumbl debate, with one fan writing, “Some are hits & some are miss. The classic chocolate chip cookie is top tier.”

Another added, “Definitely too sweet. My boys and I after only having a little piece, felt so sick to our stomachs.”

Fellow “Teen Mom” star Jade Cline chimed in too, saying, “I never liked them lol they always look really good but I feel like they are so sweet!”

But not everyone could focus on the great cookie debate. One fan paused to appreciate just how much Messer’s daughters have grown, writing, “Ali speaks like an adult?! When did this happen 😭 so grown ❤️❤️”

And some fans were focused on Messer’s stiff face.

One fan commented, “You’ve had quite the face procedures. Where’s the country Mom, Leah?”

Another fan asked, “Have you been having injectables in your face?”

A third fan agreed that it seemed likely she had received injectables, adding, “That’s what I was wondering. She does not look right.

And another fan pled with her; “Leah, please leave your pretty face alone. You are beautiful without that stuff!”

One fan wrote, “Holy! That’s Leah!?! I would never have recognized her. Wow, she looks way different.”

Another added, “Leave your face alone. Just because other people are doing it, you don’t have to follow along. Just use the right products and take care of yourself.”

The “Teen Mom” girls are no strangers to criticism of plastic surgery.

After all, their fans have known them since they were teenagers – hence the reason they’re famous to begin with. So people are struck by the signs of aging, and then struck again when they use their money to do something about those signs.

It’s definitely accurate to say that “Teen Mom” stars can’t make everyone happy.

So they might as well make themselves happy.