Snubbed? Leah Messer’s Beau Jaylan Mobley Puts Only His Name on the New House Deed

Everything's been coming up roses for Teen Mom's Leah Messer. Although she's been famously on the outs with BFF Kailyn

Snubbed? Leah Messer's Beau Jaylan Mobley Puts Only His Name on the New House Deed

Everything's been coming up roses for Teen Mom's Leah Messer. Although she's been famously on the outs with BFF Kailyn Lowry, for the most part her life seems to be headed in the right direction.

But recently news broke that may sign trouble for Messer. After her boyfriend of 6 months, Jaylan Mobley, bought a new house for the two of them and her daughters to share, it seemed all was well.

However, it would seem that Mobley has put only his name on the house deed – potentially leaving Messer adrift if things go south now that she's sold her own home. So why did Mobley make that choice; does it spell doom for the couple?

Only Mobley On the Deed

It was one of the sweetest gestures in Teen Mom history.

Although they'd only been together about six months, Messer's boyfriend Mobley made a huge life decision that would help the couple and Messer's daughters set up for a stable life in a beautiful area: he bought a house.

And what a house it is. With five bedrooms, four bathrooms, a family room, game room, and just under half an acre – it's a dream place to raise children and start a family.

But fans are wondering if that's Mobley's long-term goal now after word came down that only his name was placed on the deed.

The Sun reports, "Leah, 29, announced to her fans on Instagram on April 1 that she moved into a massive West Virginia home with her boyfriend of only six months, Jaylan, 25.

The Kanawha County Clerk's Office exclusively confirmed to The Sun that Jaylan listed only his name on the home's deed.

Their new six-bedroom home cost Jaylan just under half a million dollars.

However, Jaylan did it all for love, as he allegedly poured his savings into the home for Leah and her girls as they moved in together."

The reality is that it's not uncommon to leave off a partner if the couple is unmarried. So even though it means less certainty for Messer moving forward, in the event of a messy breakup it would make things pretty straightforward and uncomplicated.

Too Soon?

The question remains though: did they move too quickly? Was it too soon to move in, after just six months together?

Some fans think yes – and that Messer is being reckless by moving her daughters in with a man who is a virtual stranger.

However, in videos of the new family together, it's clear that the kids adore Mobley and he enjoys being in their lives. So maybe even though the relationship has moved quickly, it can end up being a long-term love for Messer.

Of course, tying the knot would make things a little more secure and give Messer some more long-term stability. Is that in the cards?

Per The Sun, "In an upcoming episode of Teen Mom, Leah will express her feelings about tying the knot with Jaylan.

In a teaser for the episode, Jaylan bluntly asked his girlfriend her thoughts on getting married.

The camera then pans to Leah's shocked expression on her face, cutting away before revealing her response.

The pair recently ignited chatter that they secretly wed in a beach ceremony after sharing photos and videos of them kissing on the sand.

Fans speculated that they exchanged vows given their formal attire – Jaylan sported gray pants, a white shirt, and a white blazer, while Leah donned a white dress.

The two cuddled while sitting on the jetty together as the sun set."

We'll find out soon if the lovebirds made the leap but going by what we do know now – they seem to be taking their time and keeping things legally separate, which may not be romantic, but it is wise.