Teen Mom Leah Messer’s Cryptic Mid-Reunion Message: Did She Quit the Show?

The Teen Mom season finale on Tuesday left fans with plenty to talk about. One talking point in particular focuses

Teen Mom Leah Messer's Cryptic Mid-Reunion Message: Did She Quit the Show?

The Teen Mom season finale on Tuesday left fans with plenty to talk about.

One talking point in particular focuses on a fan favorite, Leah Messer. Messer sent a cryptic message while the reunion episode was airing, and it had fans worried that she's left the show for good. Here's what we know.

A Head-Scratcher of a Message

The reunion episode brought the drama, but all seemed pretty much as expected until an off-air message set the comment sections on Reddit afire.

While the reunion episode aired, Messer took to social media with a comment.

The Sun writes, "During tonight's Teen Mom 2 finale, Leah, 30, took to her Instagram Stories with a message that didn't go unnoticed.

'I'll forever be grateful for the memories, experiences, lessons, opportunities and friends/coworkers that have become family over the years,' she captioned her post.

Above played a preview clip from the Season 11 finale, and she concluded her caption: '#teenmom2' with a heart and prayer emoji."

Fans immediately began talking about the message and what it could mean, since it's usually the kind of message you would write when walking away from something important.

How Kail May Be Involved

However, there's another popular fan theory.

Messer's former BFF Kailyn Lowry recently got into a head-to-head with Teen Mom executive producer Larry Musnik over the central theme of her cryptic message: gratitude.

Rumors flew for months that Lowry was out at Teen Mom. And when she seemed to send the message that she was happy to move on and made more money in her podcast pursuits, Musnik reminded her that it was her time on the show that allowed that success.

Lowry responded with eyerolls and middle fingers.

Some fans speculate that Messer is poking fun at her former BFF after the two fell out last month, possibly over Lowry's feud with another castmate, Briana DeJesus.

Other fans point out the fact that there are rumors that MTV plans to combine Teen Mom 2 and Teen Mom OG into a single show. Many of the castmates will be cut if that happens, and some suggest Messer and Lowry may not have made the cut to begin with.

Others speculate that she's on to bigger and better things; after all, her new beau seems pretty wealthy.

Leah and Jaylen: 4Ever?

Speaking of that beau, Jaylan Mobley.

The pair recently celebrated a huge life milestone by buying a house together – kind of. Mobley purchased it for their new family to live in together in celebration of Messer selling her first house.

But Mobley only put himself on the deed, so it leaves Messer's future a little uncertain if things go south.

In addition, Messer and Mobley were recently filmed talking about the future, and Mobley seemed excited about marriage plans.

Messer, however, does not want to get married – at least, for now.

"Together on a drive in the car, Messer and Mobley got into the topic of marriage and kids. Mobley excited shared, 'Hell yeah I wanna get married. I wanna get married, I wanna have kids, I wanna do the things that most people get to experience.' However, Messer's response didn't come with as much excitement.

The twice divorced mother of three replied, 'Never getting remarried.' She continued on with questions, 'Why do you need marriage documents or legalized documents, can't you just be in love, be happy, have a family, and not have to have these sealed documents?'

Mobley, looking visibly upset, replied, 'Yeah.' And, Leah added in the final word saying, 'Sometimes traditions are annoying.'"

Whatever's happening with Teen Mom (and Messer's future not-marriage) we'll have to wait to find out for sure, but more information should be forthcoming.

It's almost time for MTV to start announcing shows for next season, so the wait won't be terribly long – hopefully.