Former Teen Mom Mackenzie McKee’s ex-Husband Josh McKee Has Moved On

Teen Mom Mackenzie McKee’s ex-husband Josh McKee has moved on from their past together. According to Celebuzz, Mackenzie McKee announced

MacKenzie McKee's ex-husband

Teen Mom Mackenzie McKee’s ex-husband Josh McKee has moved on from their past together.

According to Celebuzz, Mackenzie McKee announced on July 26 that she and Josh McKee are divorcing after 12 years together. Mackenzie spoke to Celebuzz about the split.

She vented: “I’m coming from a very deep, raw, and vulnerable part of my heart…life is crazy. Our entire life was played out in the spotlight.” She continued: “I’m stepping into an entirely new life and new me. The things I used to cry over, are now a walk in the park. I’m so thankful for the past 12 years with Josh and what they taught me. Josh and I are both still young with an entire life ahead of us.”

An Instagram page “Teen Mom Chatter” reported that Josh McKee started a new relationship with a new girlfriend named Halie. In September, on Instagram live Mackenzie spilled that Josh was getting serious with someone new. Mackenzie shared: “When he was seeing people… and now he’s getting serious with someone, and it didn’t bother me, and I actually wanted them to be good to him, that’s when I kind of knew, like, my love for him is so different now.”

She added: “Sometimes I get sad, absolutely I get sad, That was my best friend. But I do not regret the decision of leaving. I do not regret it.” Mackenzie cleared up that it isn’t easy. “The old me would have released a story about how awful Josh is, what he did and why this marriage is ending. The new me understands that we are both walking away from this with deep scars and our kids love us both despite the pain we brought one another. We are human, we are all human on this earth just trying to make it.”

Mackenzie doesn’t want to speak for Josh McKee. She explained: “To give details of why we ended simply isn’t fair if he isn’t alongside me telling his side.”


Mackenzie McKee is Running NYC Marathon

Reality star Mackenzie is running the 2022 NYC Marathon to raise awareness for people with diabetes. According to People, the reality star said: “My mom always said, ” You have diabetes, but diabetes does not have you. `And that sticks with me every single day.”

Mackenzie was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes as a child. she required medication, It pushed her to take her health more seriously. Mackenzie says: “I remember I was really skinny and it was a time in my life where I actually should be gaining weight, I was hitting puberty, I was 11 and that was when all my friends were getting like hips and stuff and I just kept getting skinnier. And I craved a lot of sugar.”

She started to prioritize her health when she became pregnant because her doctor told her if she didn’t take care of herself she could lose the baby or she would die.

Ex-Teen Mom star Mackenzie McKee Shows Off Six-Pack Abs

Mackenzie McKee posted pictures showing her toned body. She has been gearing up for the New York City Marathon. According to The Sun, fans showed their support, with one writing: “Love this! T1 for 25 years here and any minimal amount of exercise makes my sugar plummet, even vacuuming makes it drop! I’m proud of you for showing the world that T1d doesn’t slow us down!”

Another said: “14 months t1d. You inspire me on so many levels. God bless you! Good luck.”

A third wrote: “Thank you for sharing. My son was diagnosed earlier this year at age 9 and he has been struggling. I will be showing him this in hopes it’ll give him confidence and strength,” Mackenzie has been working on her fitness journey since she split from her husband Josh. Back in July, she said the marriage is over.

She continues: “Josh and I are both still young with an entire life ahead of us. And I wish nothing, but peace and happiness for him and his future. Everyone has their own story, and this is mine.”