‘Teen Mom’ Star Amber Portwood Has A Clean Record But Will Her History Continue To Repeat?

At 3 a.m. on Friday, July 5, 2019, Amber Portwood was arrested by Indianapolis police after a "disturbance" call was


At 3 a.m. on Friday, July 5, 2019, Amber Portwood was arrested by Indianapolis police after a "disturbance" call was made. According to a previous article from The Ashley's "Arriving officers say the male victim told them his live-in-girlfriend assaulted him while he was holding their one-year-old child." The Teen Mom star had several felony charges following her domestic abuse crimes against her baby daddy, Andrew Glennon.

A week ago, The Ashley's reported that Portwood's record is officially looking clean,

Clean As A Whistle

Following her arrest in July, Portwood "took a plea deal, which stated that she had to successfully complete 906 days of probation," according to The Ashley's. The mom of two was mandated to complete substance abuse and mental health evaluations as well as taking court-ordered parenting classes and participate in Batterers' Intervention Program. And that wasn't it. Portwood also had to undergo random urine and breath testing, pay a fine and follow other strict orders.

In April, she completed her plea agreement and probation terms, pushing her lawyer to file a petition to have the plea agreement enforced. This means, her charge of Domestic Battery (with a prior conviction) to be dismissed, and her charge of "Intimidation- Habitual Felony Offender Enhancement" (a Level 6 felony) reduced to a misdemeanor.

This past Sunday, the "No Contact" order between Portwood and Glennon was also dropped which was put in place in October 2019. Prior to this, the co-parents were only allowed to communicate through a court-approved custody app when it involved their four-year-old son, James.

Amber’s History of Domestic Abuse

In her situation with Glennon, Portwood was charged with a Level 6 felony domestic battery with a child under 16 present.

A police spokesperson revealed, "Officers spoke to the male victim, who stated his live-in-girlfriend and he were having a disagreement. During which time the female, later identified as Amber Portwood, assaulted him, while he was holding their 1-year-old child. Officers spoke to Amber Portwood at the scene. She was subsequently arrested for her alleged actions in this incident.” He continued to share that the case was turned over to the Indiana Department of Child Services "‘as standard procedure on any case where a child was present during an incident."

And, this wasn't her first time receiving a charge like this.

A decade ago, Portwood was hit with the same charge for assaulting her other baby-daddy, Gary Shirley, in from of their daughter Leah.

This altercation put Portwood in prison for 17 months.

But, amid the crazy drama of it all, the reality TV star now has a clean slate, on her record at least.