Teen Mom: Sister of Kail’s New Boyfriend Sets the Record Straight in Blistering Social Media Comment

It would seem that Teen Mom's Kailyn Lowry has moved on from secret boyfriend Malik Montgomery. Lowry is now dating

Teen Mom: Sister of Kail's New Boyfriend Sets the Record Straight in Blistering Social Media Comment

It would seem that Teen Mom's Kailyn Lowry has moved on from secret boyfriend Malik Montgomery. Lowry is now dating a man named Elijah Scott – and boy does the internet have thoughts on their relationship.

After ex Chris Lopez spoke out about his concerns on the relationship and how it would affect his son, critics have blasted Lowry as irresponsible, and the rumor mill is burning hard for the pair of them. Now, the sister of Scott is speaking up – and she has a record to set straight.

New Boyfriend’s Sister Speaks Out

It's only been a few weeks since fans learned for sure that Kailyn Lowry's long-time secret boyfriend was in fact Malik Montgomery.

Now, in the blink of an eye, they're adjusting to the fact that she's seeing someone new – 23-year-old veteran Elijah Scott – and everyone has thoughts. Including Chris Lopez, Lowry's ex and the father of their child Lux. Scott lives right next door to Lowry – and fans have wasted no time judging the "hot neighbor." According to the internet, Lowry moved on too quickly and jilted Montgomery. In addition, some old pictures of Scott have caused a stir.

In a blistering social media comment, Scott's sister has had enough of the speculating and is setting the record straight. Jasmine Janea – the sister – is speaking out on Instagram.

In her comment, Janea wrote, "Imma speak my mind and leave it at that., Don’t none of y’all know my little brother nor do y’all have the right to say anything about him outta pocket., it sounds like a lot of y’all are bitter and have no lives frfr., like this is what y’all look forward to doing everyday like it baffles me."

The protective sister continues, "My little brother owes none of y'all an explanation and I wish y'all knew the whole truth instead of going off on the dumb b–lsh-t you hear and see people posting .. y'all want to know the truth so damn bad, he doesn't live with her, he bought his house before she bought hers n has been there for a while.,"

Janea adds, "he served for his country (y'all disrespectful ppl) ., That picture was the day of his wedding and If you seen the whole thing you'd understand it was more than just holding a gun.. like y'all make me sick frfr say what you want but come correct.. sorry if dude feels like he got played but she moved on and that's that."

What Janea is referring to is a post by ex Montgomery where he wrote, "played me for the kid… thrive on girl." And an image of Scott holding a gun that has stirred controversy, but has more context according to Janea.

Scott's avenging sister concludes, "so what if he's young, obviously my brother has something he didn't and it's not just about sex.. grow tf up, everyone goes through heartaches and breakups it's a part of life and if your really that mad about it go to a counselor and tell 'em how you feel ..don't disrespect my brother.. simple as that."

It's not just internet groupies coming for the happy couple though, Lopez has his own fair share of criticism. Heavy reports his thoughts on the matter, "'There’s no reason why my 4-year-old should be telling me about every dude you’re sleeping with,' he said on the April 12 episode of 'P.T.S.D.,' called 'Fumbled the Bag.' 'Cause he was just telling me about this last dude and now he’s telling me about the new dude.'

'Let’s think about it: He’s 4. My kid don’t know nothing about boyfriend or girlfriend,' Lopez continued. 'He don’t know about that stuff so that means you gotta be talking about it. That means that s*** gotta be going on.'”

Kail vs. Basically Everyone

Unfortunately for Lowry, this means that her feud with ex Lopez is escalating right when she needs that the least. Lowry is currently embroied in a bitter back-and-forth legal battle with enemy and castmate Briana DeJesus.

Lowry is suing DeJesus for defamation (for saying Lowry assaulted Lopez during their relationship) and DeJesus is fighting back, using her 1st Amendment rights as a defense.

But if it ended with Lopez and DeJesus, Lowry might not be having such a hard time. Unfortunately, just when she needs her best friend the most, Lowry and Leah Messer seem to be on the rocks. The pair has been throwing subtle shade at one another on social media, and have unfollowed each other.

Hopefully, even though things seem to be difficult for Lowry now, she can enjoy time with new beau Scott and keep her eyes on the future.

Whether that future includes Teen Mom or not is up for speculation.