Oh Baby? Teen Mom’s Briana DeJesus is Hoping to Expand Her Family

Briana DeJesus said in a trailer of Teen Mom: The Next Chapter that she is ready to have another baby.

Oh Baby? Teen Mom's Briana DeJesus is Hoping to Expand Her Family

Briana DeJesus said in a trailer of Teen Mom: The Next Chapter that she is ready to have another baby.

Celebuzz reported that Briana responded: "Yeah, I want more kids." She added: "I want one more child, and I hope it's a boy." She is getting serious with her boyfriend Bobby Scott and might be planning a baby together.

Briana DeJesus said: "I feel like in the past I've dated without purpose, and now I'm dating with purpose, I'm enjoying life right now, and there's a lot to come." Fans were shocked by the news of Briana wanting another baby.

Briana DeJesus Gets Threats From Fans

One fan said: "Bri wants more kids….. so she has another baby dad to bash? Hopefully, she's actually in a real stable relationship or marriage before having another.” The second fan wrote: "Briana looking for next baby daddy."

According to Celebuzz, reality star Briana DeJesus has been getting a lot of nasty messages on Instagram. She posted some messages she was receiving saying: "Please just kill yourself and do your family and the world a favor we all f–king hate you including your own family."

Messages continued: "Learn respect especially putting your hands on a pregnant person Ashley should have redacted senseless let me see you cause the minute I do it's on-site." Briana responded to the messages on Instagram writing: "Spreading lies can really get someone hurt. I'm tired of ppl thinking I'm the one that caused any type of mayhem. I never assaulted anyone. I never put my hands on anyone. I never started that fight in Oregon."

One user on Reddit wrote: "People are so f–king weird, Why are you that amped up over a reality TV personalities drama to send abusive messages like this? They must have very boring lives." Another commented: "Who the hell is ready to threaten/kill over Ashley on Teen Mom? What a f–king weirdo loser nutcase, needs to be someone's client for sending that garbage!"

Briana DeJesus and Ashley got in an altercation along with their mothers Pastor Tea Chapple and Roxanne DeJesus which lead them to get kicked out of Teen Mom: Family Reunion filming for breaking rules. An insider spilled the tea saying: "Roxanne commented how the grandmas from the show need to be supportive of each other and Tea took it as a jab at her, She told Roxanne to say what she wanted to say, so Roxanne started talking about some of the stuff Tea has said about Briana on social media."

It didn't get better from there. They started screaming and cussing at each other and tried to get at each other but it was broken up by security. It turned physical, Someone started throwing stuff, Ashley spits on Briana, and all four of the women were fighting before it was broken up by security and were asked to leave.

Briana’s Fans Shocked by Sudden Appearance Change

According to Monsters&Critics, Reality star Briana DeJesus's fans pointed out her change in appearance over a scene on Teen Mom shared on Instagram, and it wasn't good. Viewers felt she was "prettier before" and want her to stop with all the cosmetic surgeries. Another user asked: "Jesus what happened to her!"

TMTNC fans commented on her weight gain and ridicule her for sending a treadmill to Kail Lowry last year. One user said: "Wow, she does a lot of sh-t talking about Kail's weight when she isn't looking to thin herself."

Another commented: "That treadmill she bought oh girl she should use it." Briana DeJesus confirmed her body changed due to her being diagnosed with lupus last fall.