Teen Mom’s Leah Messer Engaged to Jaylan Mobley and She Couldn’t Imagine Herself Being Anywhere Else

Leah Messer is a well-deserved hardworking woman who is excited to start the new chapter of her love life with

Teen Mom's Leah Messer Engaged to Jaylan Mobley and She Couldn't Imagine Herself Being Anywhere Else

Leah Messer is a well-deserved hardworking woman who is excited to start the new chapter of her love life with the man of her dreams. The cast member has been with Jaylan Mobley for a while now, waiting for the anticipation of being popped the question.

Mobley popped the question this past Friday night during a romanticized moment while they were attending their anniversary trip in Costa Rica. He asked for her hand in marriage as they were on an intimate walk on the beach, then enjoyed a miraculous dinner put together by a private chef himself.

A Surprise of a Lifetime

Mobley couldn’t have done any better with the ring. 4.7-carats is something to be amazed by and proud of. Messer stated, "It feels amazing. I never imagined myself being here today, but I couldn't imagine myself being anywhere else.” Mobley then added, "I can't even express how I'm feeling. I wanted this moment to be the perfect moment for her.” They just seem as if they were meant to be.

Did Messer know what was going on and if he was going to propose or not? She states that she had a feeling something was going on, but she had no clue as to what it was going to be like in any way shape or form. This turned the evening into something out of a movie, like a fairytale.

Mobley told multiple sources that was nervous but also prepared all at the same time. "I've been thinking about this for at least 2-3 months," Mobley states. "I knew that it would be cool if we did it in Costa Rica — where we came when we first started dating, a lot of people helped pull this off. I just consider myself to be blessed and lucky to be in her life,” he adds.

Blending the Family

Once the lovey-dovey couple return from their romantic getaway, they envisioned telling the kids about the engagement as a team, which means side by side together. Messer was previously married to Jeremy Calvert for about 3 years and also married to Corey Simms for about 1 year, which both she has children with.

She has Adalynn Finn with Calvert who is just 9 years old and has Aliannah Hope and Aleeah Grace with Simms who are 12 year old twins. Messer believes the idea that all of her girls see Mobley as a role model and another father figure in their lives. She greatly appreciates the relationship they all have together.

They envision such dreams together, but to start it all off, they envision a fairytale dream wedding. “I want to walk myself down the aisle," Messer says. "I say this over and over again. I've made it to where I am as a woman and a mom, and I want everyone to see that strength.”

Mobley sates, "I'm just looking forward to everything that we're going to do together — making this commitment to each other, making a commitment to the girls, growing our family, and just doing this life together as one.”

The happy couple could not be more excited and can’t wait for whatever the future holds for the both of them and their families.

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