Tennis Superstar Maria Sharapova Debuts Furniture Collection With Rove Concepts

Former tennis pro Maria Sharapova partners with Rove Concepts for her debut furniture collection. The Maria Collection incorporates natural textures

Maria Sharapova

Former tennis pro Maria Sharapova partners with Rove Concepts for her debut furniture collection. The Maria Collection incorporates natural textures with warm, neutral tones overlaid on delicately curated design. An advocate for art and architecture, The Maria Collection implements elements of Sharapova’s life as an athlete, arts enthusiast, designer and entrepreneur.

What is Rove Concepts?

Maria Sharapova

Rove Concepts is a Vancouver-based furniture design company. More importantly, they handcraft the majority of their designs in their own artisan workshop. They find it critical to “have direct touch points all the way from raw materials to the final product in your home.” As such, by taking personal responsibility in their product for their consumers, Rove Concepts prioritizes integrity in their brand.

Rove Concepts was founded in the Pacific Northwest in 2011 by Art Lee and Brendan Burscough. Lee’s inspiration was derived from his grandfather’s mid-century modern furniture company. Similarly, Burscough also had a furniture-savvy grandfather who was a craftsman in this trade in the ’50s. As a result, both Lee and Burscough honor their grandfathers’ design and memories with a modern overtone in technique, design and business.

Rove Concept aims to modernize the furniture industry. A modern company with high standards for itself, Rove Concepts values design, passion and sustainability. 

Maria Sharapova Loves Good Design

From being a world-class tennis professional to a CEO and business investor, Sharapova spent quite a long time traveling. Whether it was for business or adventure, she gained an appetite and love for art and a passion for design. However, she wasn’t only an observer from the sidelines. Sharapova also collaborated with Nike, Cole Haan, Bala, and Therabody. A strategic athlete by nature, Sharapova continues to apply that same characteristic over to design.

In an open door interview with Architectural Digest, Sharapova shows the camera her beachside residence. Inspired by Japanese minimalism, the bare essentials of her home succeed in capturing the true focus of design. Full-size glass and concrete walls give her home the essence of an ‘indoor and outdoor feel.’ What’s more, with the concrete home itself being artistic by default, Sharapova decided to keep the ornamentals minimal. The house is an open floor plan where the kitchen captures the view of the entire living room. 

The Maria Collection

In their collaborative design effort, The Maria Collection features six limited edition living room furniture pieces. These pieces are the Maria Bench, Sofa, Side Table, Coffee Table, and Rug. On a recent Instagram post, the tennis athlete-turned entrepreneur promoted her new collection. “By incorporating natural hues and textures” Sharapova writes, “each piece is meant to complement your current spaces. Kind of like an extension of the design choices you’ve already made.”

The Maria Bench and Sofa have smooth, walnut-wooden frames that are close to the ground with welcoming plush seats. The Maria Side Table and Coffee Table are sculptural pieces that can fit in beautifully both indoors and outdoors. Both items are made from 100 percent glass fiber reinforced concrete. The Maria Lamp has a soft bohemian look, with a curved fabric lampshade and a walnut stem. And finally, the Maria Rug is made from raw materials 100 percent natural jute and hand-knotted tassels. 

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