On April 2, 2021, Stephen Brian Scanlon plummeted off the Turnberry Towers in Downtown Las Vegas. Prior to his death, the 38-year-old was living on the 32nd floor with bodybuilder Freddie Hardy. Although at the time it seemed as though Scanlon’s death could have been innocent—it’s a tall tower, and neighbors heard the sounds of a late night/early morning party—new questions have arisen around Freddie and his past.

In the six months since CELEB first published the story “Terror at Turnberry Towers, Unexplained Death at Celeb-Friendly Address Leaves Residents Perplexed,” numerous sources have come forward to reveal a trail of mysterious deaths following Freddie around Las Vegas from high-rise to high-rise. Scanlon’s demise isn’t the only questionable situation connected to Freddie, merely the most recent. Three deaths now circle like wraiths from his past—sources say on August 13, 2019, Nick Toscani died in Freddie’s Sky Tower condo, located on the Las Vegas Strip; and on October 19, 2020, Cassandra Lee Senge, Freddie’s former girlfriend, was found dead in her home.

On the one-year anniversary of the Senge’s death, CELEB talks to her parents Lee and Jim Lape, about Cassie, her history with Freddie and the justice they seek for the loss of their beloved child.

Cassie Senge’s Life Before Las Vegas

Cassie Senge

“Cassie was always a wonderful child,” Jim says, remembering his daughter. She was raised outside of Pittsburgh and attended West Allegheny High School. Growing up, Cassie always imitated her older brother Chris; who was a year older—she wanted to do everything he did. As a young woman, she had a number of jobs and always excelled. Cassie was well-liked, and well-accomplished. When brother Chris joined the military, she also joined the Air National Guard,  receiving a degree in business from Slippery Rock University, North of Pittsburgh.

In her 20s, Cassie married a man named Jim Senge and they were married for six years. They lived in Georgia, building a dream home in Atlanta. Lee describes her daughter, “She’s a great kid. Respectful, just lovely. Everybody loves her. We traveled to the beach at Hilton Head a lot as a family, we’ve been to Costa Rica, we traveled a lot—she always loved traveling. In the military, they sent her to Spain, and she loved that.”

Lee and Jim frequently switched between the present tense when describing their daughter, and the past tense—as though they struggled to reconcile her death with the way they remember her. Jim adds, “She’s very likeable, she lights up a room.”

Cassie got into bodybuilding in her 20s, and broke into the world of fitness competition. Her family and friends loving referred to her as “Miss Fitness.” Jim explains, “After her marriage ended—and we were sad to see it end—she got with a bodybuilder named Shane, they looked into moving to Vegas, but they never did; she moved to Vegas alone. She was born in Las Vegas. My wife has four sisters who live in Las Vegas.”

The move finally happened in 2017. Lee says thoughtfully, “We worried about her. That’s not her lifestyle; Las Vegas is a very fast life, you never sleep and things like that. She’s not that kind of kid. 24/7 parties, you know? She did like the gym and went every day.”

While living in Vegas, it seems as if Cassie was thrown into the deep end of the scene, working a variety of jobs including as an atmosphere model.

“We weren’t totally sure of what she does,” her father says. “She took some trips to Europe.” Cassie was paid to go to nightclubs and make it look glamorous and exciting. Her parents say the new Vegas resident also went to real estate school, hoping to be a realtor. Eventually, she got a job at a gym—and it was there she would meet Freddie Hardy.

Tumultuous Love Affair with Freddie Hardy

Cassie Senge

A number of months after moving to Las Vegas, Cassie and Freddie began dating. Jim explains, “They had a history where they would break up and get back together, and break up and get back together.”

“They were always fighting. Then, we heard that he hurts her. I said to her, ‘what are you doing with him?!’ She always said she didn’t know. He was a very jealous person, very violent,” her mother Lee adds.

Cassie’s parents detail how their daughter signed for a car for Freddie, because he had poor credit. Senge was the one paying for it too; if she didn’t, he got mad. Lee adds, “He’d yell at her and tell her all these nasty things like how she’s ugly. She was insecure about being beautiful, and I would tell her that she didn’t need to stay and listen to him, that she was beautiful. But she was very sensitive to what he’d say about her.”

When asked about physical abuse, both didn’t hesitate; they knew for sure that she was physically abused at times. Lee shares, “One time on the phone she’s crying saying, ‘he’s choking me, he hurt me, he just pushed me,’ and she put us on speaker. I’m yelling at him, ‘Freddie leave my daughter alone, get the heck out!’ And he’s just like, ‘go ahead and call the police!’ And we would, but they would just end up back together again.”

One defining moment in the relationship that may have had dire implications later came on a August 19, 2019 just a few days after the death of Hardy’s friend Nick Toscani. Cassie and Freddie were at a bank, and he wanted her to withdraw money. He began choking Cassie in front of witnesses, who called the police. Freddie was arrested. By the time Cassie died in 2020, he had never seen the inside of a court room for that charge—but it would possibly play a part in her death.

Cassie Found Dead—Was it a Suicide?

Cassie Senge

The incident at the bank wasn’t disclosed to Cassie’s parents at the time. It occurred only six days after a chilling event at Hardy’s home in Sky Towers. Sources say that Nick Toscani was Freddie’s friend and maybe roommate. He was in the bathroom a long time, and Freddie went to check on him. Nick had likely hit his head because there was blood, and Freddie had to push the door open because he was leaning up against it. Allegedly, Freddie didn’t call the police while he cleaned the apartment of all drugs. During this intervening period while Freddie tidied up, Nick died. According to speculation by those who knew both Cassie and Hardy both, it is believed that Nick overdosed from heroin sold to him by Freddie.

On October 19, 2020, Jim and Lee received the phone call every parent dreads.

“Freddie called and he was crying. I told Jim to answer his phone and he comes back and tells me Cassie’s dead. We didn’t understand,” Lee says.

It made no sense to the Lapes, who then traveled to Las Vegas immediately to identify their daughter’s body. “They didn’t let us actually see her body for five or six days, because of COVID I guess. They wouldn’t let us. And then we found out,” Lee pauses to gather herself, “We found out she hung herself. I said no, she would never do that. We spoke to Cassie’s friends and they told us there was a fight before she died, between Cassie and Freddie, and he said some really mean things in text messages. He said she should kill herself.”

Multiples sources shared these texts messages with CELEB, which occurred in the period of time just after a surgery Cassie had on her nose. Freddie took to social media to trash her. In the text, Freddie says, “kill yourself old meth smoking nightmare surgery face.”

Cassie responds, “I will but please don’t tarnish my name like that. I really loved you so much Freddy. I’m happy you found someone please don’t tarnish my name. Please remove all that.”

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Freddie replies, “You look so ugly from the surgeries, like you were ugly before them that’s why you got them and now you look like a nightmare that’s why I’m not f–king you sometimes you’re weird looking.”

Cassie adds, “I understand but please remove that off social media.”

Freddie says, “Apologize to Savannah and say we were never together.”

Jim explains he believes there was a three or more hour window between the text exchange and when Cassie died. While they were fighting, Hardy had a party going on at his apartment. Two of his friends say that he left the party. According to others, Freddie claims he never did go to the house to check on Cassie although he said he was worried and sent two of her friends to check on her. It’s unclear where Hardy was during the duration of the party.

The last person to see Cassie alive was a dog walker she had hired with the expectation that she’d be leaving town. The dog walker arrived at 1:30 a.m., and said Cassie was asleep. Shortly after the walker left, they received a text from Cassie’s phone saying that they would not be needed the next day since she hadn’t left town.

When Cassie’s friends arrived, they found the front door unlocked. This struck one of the friends, who had previously lived with Cassie, as odd. Friends say she always obsessively locked the door, 24/7.

Hardy had been banned from Cassie’s house because of the way he treated her. Hardy at one point had a key for the house, but they changed the locks so he couldn’t get in. After noting that the door was unlocked, Cassie’s friends went inside and made a horrifying discovery—she hung by her neck from a hook in the bathroom, dead. They took her down and called 911, but it was too late.

No full autopsy was performed on Cassie’s body, but a topical autopsy was done which showed a number of drugs in her system. The police ruled it a death by suicide because there were no signs of a struggle, but Jim and Lee allege there wouldn’t be signs of an altercation with their daughter as drugged as she was. It’s also odd that she would rouse from her sleep at 1:30 a.m., then hang herself.

Both of Senge’s parents allege Hardy at this point was unstable—whether because of the drugs he was known to use, or because of mental health struggles—they witnessed him to be very emotional, violent and dramatic. In the wake of Cassie’s death, Freddie refused to be interviewed about the circumstances that led to her suicide, and the police didn’t pursue it. Jim flew back to Vegas to try to convince Hardy to speak to detectives, which he did—but again, they did not pursue it beyond that. Friends of Cassie rallied to have the case reopened, which it was, only to be closed again.

Questions Remain

Cassie Senge

There’s another piece of the puzzle that has red flags flying. Cassie died on October 19, 2020. On October 13, 2020, the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department sent a notice to her regarding the incident at the bank with Freddie. The notice read in part, “There has been a development with a report you filed … on 8/19/19. An investigation has been initiated. Your cooperation is necessary in order to continue this investigation. Please contact me within 10 days of receipt of this letter … .”

Assuming the mail took a few days to arrive, Cassie would have received this letter mere days before her death. It seems likely that the investigation would have put pressure on Freddie, but her untimely death derailed the investigation. Paired with Freddie’s urgent insistence that Cassie tell “Savannah” they were never a couple, it’s more than a little suspicious.

Right before her death, she left a voicemail, faintly calling out Freddie’s name over and over and incoherently rambling that she loved him. Jim and Lee turned her cell phone over to police to see if they could get in to it to find more clues but to no avail. Her parents still have the phone and no one can open it—they tried every password and now the phone is locked.

Domestic violence cases are notoriously overlooked in the United States, and domestic abusers often get away with crime after crime before they’re stopped, if they ever are. Also, in Nevada cyberbullying is only a crime if the incident involves people under 18 years old.

Jim and Lee, and Cassie’s other loved ones, aren’t satisfied that all of their questions have been answered. Their daughter’s case is closed and the world has moved on. But they hold out hope that the right person will take a look at the facts, and her story will finally be told in full.

Additional sources allege that Freddie is notorious for selling a variety of drugs, like steroids and cocaine, and has threatened many people who have come after him—and there are screenshots and recorded phone calls of him making these threats.

New Developments in the Death of Stephen Scanlon


On the day of Scanlon’s death, Freddie was arrested for the failure to appear in the case stemming from the 2019 bank incident—although the case was later dropped because of Cassie’s death.

In an email to CELEB, a person identifying themselves as relative of Stephen Brian Scanlon, came forward to say that he was from actually from Miami and not from Utah as the article stated and that he had moved into Freddie’s apartment in March, about a month prior to his death.

In addition, the letter asked CELEB to remove the images of Scanlon’s death scene and made the allegation that he had been killed. “I am asking that you please take down the photographs. That is incredibly disrespectful to do to someone, to display their blood or damaged body when they have been killed. The pain we are going through is unreal. This world needs to become a better place where people do not do these things to one another, where they do not kill and betray one another, I hope and believe you would agree. The only way that can happen is if we all choose to have care and consideration for one another.”

CELEB chose to not remove the images and request for further comment from the source has not been returned.

Another source came forward in a statement to describe the alleged scene at Turnberry prior to Scanlon’s death: “When I saw [Scanlon, he] was completely strung out on drugs. I have never seen someone so out of their mind! He had even broken a glass shelf in his room and walked through the glass cutting his feet and tracking bloody foot prints all across his own bedroom. Steve himself when I met him one week prior had told me he had been up for days and it was known he had been eating mushrooms most of the week. As for the events that took place that morning, I do not know but his mental state was the worst I have ever seen in a person. I even urged him to get some rest but he was so spun he couldn’t even stand still and told me himself he had been up for four days! I can’t speak to those events of that day in question, but I can say he ‘Steve’ was completely out of his mind. Very probable that he fell or jumped!”

After Scanlon’s death, Freddie relocated to another high-rise, the Panorama Towers, according to videos posted on his social media accounts.

In Instagram messages sent to the @celebtm account, Freddie says, “I only knew Steve a couple of months, I always cooked for him, brought him food and let him stay with me. I got him back in the gym, too.” CELEB has asked Freddie for a statement regarding Scanlon and Senge, but at the time of publication we have not received a response.

On October 19, Freddie posted a tribute to Cassie on his Instagram, video of her kissing her dog Kailee with the caption “You left one year ago today and not one day has gone by that I haven’t thought of you.”