Terror at Turnberry Towers, Unexplained Death at Celeb-Friendly Address Leaves Residents Perplexed

The early morning of April 2 was just like any other at the ivory Turnberry Towers just off Paradise Road


The early morning of April 2 was just like any other at the ivory Turnberry Towers just off Paradise Road on Karen Avenue in Las Vegas. The building’s porte cochere staff was gearing up for the morning rush; cars in and out, the standard ‘good mornings’ and ‘have a great day,’ greeting the high-rise’s influential residents. In recent years celebrities such as Shaquille O’Neal and Gladys Knight have called the prestigious address home. But at almost half-past 7 a.m. the idyllic scene at Turnberry Towers would turn into a grisly nightmare.

Sources say that it was around that time a man, later identified as Stephen Brian Scanlon, 38, would plummet from a unit on the 32nd floor. Residents of the Towers say the building shook and they could just sense that something was wrong, later finding out their intuition was indeed correct with the presence of emergency police and fire, closing down the front of the complex.

Eye-witnesses recount that Freddie Hardy—a trainer and bodybuilder who has appeared on various reality shows including Impact Wrestling and on Instagram known as partyboy_aesthetics2.0—lived in the unit on the 32nd floor where Scanlon was staying prior to his death and was led away in handcuffs. According to sources, Hardy was arrested on an outstanding warrant unrelated to the death of Scanlon. An unidentified woman was seen and heard in the lobby of Turnberry Towers screaming, “I don’t want anything to do with him.”


In graphic images obtained by CELEB, the porte cochere at Turnberry is shielded from two-story overhang, which prevented Scanlon from ending up in public view. The force of a body falling from such a height could also have seriously injured or killed others on the ground, all of which was avoided thanks to the building architecture.

Since the incident occurred, rumors have begun to swirl about what happened on the 32nd floor in the hours before Scanlon’s death. Could this be another one of Las Vegas’ infamous “jumper” suicides? The city has a long history of those who have met their end from a high place—one of the reasons in which many casino-resort towers have un-openable windows or patios. Or according to allegations that have begun to surface on Scanlon’s Instagram account—”he was either pushed or fell off the balcony”—did something more sinister happen?

Here is what CELEB knows as of now.

What Happened on the 32nd Floor?


Sources say that Scanlon did not live in Turnberry but was a guest of someone on the 32nd floor either the evening on April 1 or the early morning hours of April 2. Others say that there were parties happening on the 32nd floor until all hours. According to what Hardy has told various people, Scanlon fell from the balcony. Pictures from Hardy’s Instagram show that the room is frequently dark and lit with neon lips. He also posts images of smoking devices that look like water pipes or bongs.

Turnberry Towers released a statement to the residents in part saying that the valet had resumed services and that “we understand that many residents have questions regarding a tragic incident that occurred this morning. The association is not at liberty to provide specific details and kindly asked for the privacy of those involved is respected during this time.”

What We Know About Stephen Brian Scanlon

In 2015, Scanlon had a federal case in Nebraska for conspiracy to distribute marijuana and was sentenced to two and half years in federal prison. Reports say he was originally from Utah.

What We Know About Freddie Hardy

Hardy relocated to Turnberry only a short time before the incident, previously having lived at the nearby Sky Las Vegas Condominiums on the Las Vegas Strip, another high-rise. According to his social media profile, he has also publicly mourned the October death of a girlfriend identified as Cassandra Lee Senge, 36, with whom he attended raves parties such as Electric Daisy Carnival and the Groove Cruise. Her obituary says she “died in her home.” Additionally a GoFundMe was started by her family to raise funds to pay legal fees surrounding her death, although no cause of death has been listed.

In the days since Scanlon’s death, Hardy has not been shy on social media, posting videos of him watching movies while driving, partying at Turnberry Towers and also enjoy a meal from his balcony on the 32nd floor.

Police Report and Scanlon’s Cause of Death Pending

CELEB reached out to both the Clark County Coroner’s office and the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, but at the time of this publication, both reports are pending. This story is updating.