The Hills New Beginnings Season 2 Postponed- Could It Be Canceled?

Back in the early 2000’s one of the most popular shows on television was inarguably The Hills. The show, which aired

Back in the early 2000’s one of the most popular shows on television was inarguably The Hills. The show, which aired on MTV, was a spin-off of Laguna Beach. It followed the lives of Lauren Conrad and her group of friends, which included Heidi Montag and Audrina Patridge. Once Conrad left the show, Kristin Cavallari (who had been on Laguna Beach as well) took over for her. 

While fans thought that when The Hills wrapped in 2010 it may be the last they’d see of their favorite bunch, nostalgia has kicked into high gear as of late, and thus The Hills: New Beginnings premiered last year. 

Feel The Rain On Your Skin… Again!

Fans got what they were asking for when The Hills: New Beginnings premiered… sort of. 

While many of their favorites were back on the show- including Patridge, Montag, Whitney PortJason WahlerBrody Jenner, Stephanie Pratt, and Frankie Delgado– noticeably absent was Conrad. Since the original series had largely focused on her, her absence was definitely going to be felt. 

Although Conrad was gone, new cast members were introduced who had not been on the initial series. These included some wives of the men originally on the show- namely Kaitlynn CarterJennifer Delgado, and Ashley Wahler. They also interestingly added Mischa Barton to the mix, who had starred on The O.C. [which was actually the series that The Hills was based on]. 

So How Did It Do?

When The Hills: New Beginnings premiered on June 24, 2019, it received 0.65 million USA viewers. Unfortunately, that was the highest viewership it received, and the season wrapped on September 9, 2019, with 0.36 million viewers.

It seemed there was still enough interest in the franchise, though, as it was renewed for a second season. 

While many television shows were delayed in their production schedules due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, some reality shows have started to resume. Yesterday, though, a report emerged on Page Six– and things don’t look good in the world of The Hills: New Beginnings

What’s Going On With Season 2? 

According to Page Six, Evolution (which is the production company that produces The Hills: New Beginnings) had “hired an outside consultant, an infectious disease doctor and a team that will be doing the testing — and, if need be, contact tracing — if someone was to get COVID-19. They’ve been in touch with LA County Health officials on a regular basis as well.”

Their insider added that the cast would have to do their own glam and wardrobe and all filming locations would be cleaned prior to filming.

While this sounds fantastic in terms of being proactive regarding protecting the cast from COVID-19, their source spilled that MTV and Viacom weren’t ready to go full-steam ahead with filming- and has put the show on indefinite hold. 

Page Six‘s source said that “The network has not told the cast why they were put on hold. Evolution spent months getting ready to start filming and now MTV has gone silent on them.”

“It’s shocking that when the world is starving for new content, they won’t allow ‘The Hills’ to safely return,” their insider added. “Everyone is perplexed. ‘The Hills’ is a flagship staple for MTV and the cast is ready, willing and able to pick up filming again with LA County signing off on it. People are starving for content and they can do a ton of filming outside and in people’s homes without going into public spaces.”

So What’s Going To Happen? 

We also reached out exclusively to a production insider. They echoed the sentiment that the show was put on indefinite hold and that no one on the cast was made aware of what was going on. 

“Filming for the second season had already begun before the coronavirus pandemic,” our insider exclusively shared with us.

We then asked them if it was possible the show could be canceled, and if that was the reason that MTV and Viacom had put an indefinite hold on the project. 

“We honestly have no clue,” they informed us. “We are all in the dark.”

We will be sure to keep you updated with any updates pertaining to what’s going on with the second season of The Hills: New Beginnings.