The Macallan: Distil Your World New York Is Unveiled

For one night only, this past Wednesday, The Macallan hosted a dreamlike celebration at the magnificent Rainbow Room in Rockefellar

The Macallan: Distil Your World New York Is Unveiled

For one night only, this past Wednesday, The Macallan hosted a dreamlike celebration at the magnificent Rainbow Room in Rockefellar Plaza. CELEB attended the event which shared views of the New York City skyline, Empire State Building, and all. Initially coming off of the elevator guests were greeted with a token for an immersive documentary experience. But, before that was the cocktail lab. On the 65th floor we were awed by talented, innovative and might we say, very coordinated mixologists. Again, dreamy.

The Distil Your World Series

The Mallacan created the Distil Your World Series to [essentially] bottle up the most fantasized components of iconic places in the world. "It's not about just being in a city or place, it is about immersing yourself, dedicating time to understand what is underneath everything you see," reads the website.

The Macallan and the Roca brothers have traveled near and far to truly explore the intertwining details of such places. The series so far includes, Scotland, Jerez, London, and now New York.

Distil Your World New York is a limited edition whiskey that will take you on a sensorial journey through the influential city with every waft and sip.

Michelin star chef Joan Roca of the Roca brothers joined Polly Logan, The Macallan Whisky Maker, to translate and distil New York City into a bottle. Together, they explored the art, creativity, and dynamic culture of the city to create an extraordinary single malt that would pay homage to New York's character and everything that defines it.

Logan and Roca dedicated their time to people who truly hold and display the creative, eclectic, and artistic nature of New York. By immersing themselves into conversation with people like Wynton Marsalis, an internationally acclaimed jazz and classical musician, composer, and band leader. Another person being the Guggenheim art curator, Megan Fontella, and 'kickstorian' DeJongh 'Dee' Wells, who signifies sneakers as an intersection for creativity and culture.

All Of New York Bottled Up In One Room

After enjoying picturesque moments in the cocktail lab, guests gathered into a Distil Your World Gallery, in intimate groups, to learn more about the series as a whole. Not only that, but we also got a first look at the new documentary release from The Macallan brand ambassadors.

Following that was an immersive documentary experience that allowed us to meet the entirety of the characters. There, we learned about each character's New York story all within different rooms curated to each part of the documentary journey.

Finally, the Rainbow Room. Following the documentary, we were welcomed into the main event. The one-of-a-kind ballroom came with jaw-dropping views from the moment you walked in. The crowd of people dressed to the nines complimented the open space, retro furniture, and sparkling chandeliers. In the center of the rotating dance floor was an astonishing custom bottle display.

Surrounding the room was elevated bar set ups with a fixed menu of delectable drinks made with The Macallan, of course. A delicious buffet of dinner and dessert was also offered. And might we say, the cheesecake was amazing.

To top it all off was a DJ and a 360 photo moment which gave guests a moment to be their most glamorous. And, for a moment in the night, the DJ shared the microphone with the National Brand Ambassador, Molly Melville, for a speech. She welcomed and thanked everyone for coming. She also gave beautiful insight into the creation behind Distil Your World New York. Following her toast to commemorate the evening, guests came together for a highly coveted tasting of the single malt whiskey.

Special Guest Appearance

At the event was New York socialite and entrepreneur, Olivia Palermo and her husband, Johannes Huebl. Olivia sported a Ralph Lauren blazer and a Markarian skirt and bra top, complimented with shoes by Casadei.