The Perfect Holiday Trip Awaits at One of These 5 Travel Locations

The holidays are right around the corner and we had to ask ourselves, what we would suggest for the perfect


The holidays are right around the corner and we had to ask ourselves, what we would suggest for the perfect holiday gift? It’s not easy to pick the perfect gift that is universally spectacular for everyone however there is one gift that not a single soul could possibly be disappointed with. The holidays are a time for tradition and all things red and green but this year, what if you ventured out and did something you have always wanted to do? The world is your oyster this holiday season and instead of gifts and mistletoe, select one of your dream destinations as the Christmas gift you could have never imagined and enjoy a holiday like no other.

Mont-Saint-Michel, Normandy France


This hundred-year-old compound has certainly seen some days as it was an undefeated island during the 100-year war, converted into a prison, and now a destination where over 3 million tourists visit each year. This french village is about 0.6 miles from the coast of Normandy France as it rests in the Atlantic ocean. Because Saint-Michel was built with the ocean surrounding it, the tide is forever changing around the structure and allows for a completely transforming look to the site at different parts of the day.

The village is full of history and more than welcoming to guests. The village has several hotels including Hotel Les Terrasses Poulard and the Auberge Saint Pierre, two of the most popular hotels in the compound. The sites are the main draw to this location along with the seclusion by the french coast with easy access to Paris.

Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany


Some of us simply cannot go without a traditional holiday and we don’t blame you. The snow, hot cocoa, and the illusion we are in a Hallmark movie come only once a year and we simply must savor that time! The good news is, we have a location that will bring those illusions to reality at the Neuschwanstein Castle.

This 19th century castle sits on the top of a hill in the southwest region of Germany meaning lots of snow in the winter months! The castle is the ideal vision of beauty and the perfect royal experience.The Castle has been a tourist destination for decades and is more than just a castle but one stop among many festive actives such as a horse drawn carriage ride and a guided royal tour of the property.

Guests who find themselves in need of more german culture can find it in the surrounding cities and towns. Some of the most popular and unique  experiences in the southwest region of Germany is a visit to the oldest muse in the world or our personal favorite, Swarovski Crystal World. Unfortunately guest may not stay in the Neuschwanstein castles, however picture perfect Christmas villages await your selection of a quaint hotel or personal air BnB.

Tallinn,  Estonia


Estonia is a place that is rarely spoken of when looking to get away for the holidays but as far as we can tell, it should be the first place the world should think of. This storybook like village is a picture perfect holiday scene when December comes around and its the perfect place for the traveler looking for a quiet country holiday.

Located on the coast of the Baltic Sea near Poland, The Capital of this small country is Tallinn. Every day is market day in Tallinn during the holidays and the freshly fallen white snow and thousands of draped lights, brightens up the market center.

Locals share Estonia tradition through food, gifts and smells as guests walk around wondering how they ever missed this place. Estonia has much more to offer than their famous Christmas market and the city invites guests to check out Kadriorg Park or Kalamaja, also referred to as the wooden house district.


La Muralla Roja, Calpe Spain


This stunning location has been compared to the popular Netflix Original series, Squid Games locations. The Spanish building is made up of a variety of vibrant colors and unique architectural makeup. The ridged walls and stairs that lead everywhere make up this 120-meter apartment building.

The man behind this magnificent structure is Spanish architect, Ricardo Bofill who has been named one of the most impressive architectural innovations from the La Muralla Roja. The building not only looks sick but is only steps away from the Mediterranean Sea for a perfect seafront living location.

Calpe town has so much to offer and visitors simply cannot leave without visiting The Queen’s baths which is a thermal natural formed pool surrounded by rock that is connected to the ocean. The baths are out in the open as the sun beams down and heals visitors from lack of vitamin sea! The town is also known for its white sandy beaches, Craft market, and full experience of a fisherman’s market as they catch a cooked fish right before your eyes.

Galaries Lafayette, Paris France


Who doesn’t love Paris? Especially during the holidays? Paris is one of the most iconic places to visit in the world, so why is it on our unexpected places to visit list? The simple answer is what we all search for during the holidays, the perfect Christmas tree.

Galaries Lafayette is one of the biggest department stores in Paris that not only holds thousands of designer items but also one of the most extravagant Christmas trees. This century old department store has an incredible inside and outside exterior with 5 floors of merchandise. Set in the middle of the glass domed space sits a 21 meter Christmas tree that is dressed with over 150 delicate ornaments.

The experience of Christmas comes from holiday cheer and the gift of giving which the Galaries lafayette does quite well. The Lafayette is a day long experience and surrounded by 5 star restaurants and hotels to enjoy after a long day of shopping.