Evoke ‘The Royal’ Treatment With A Luxury Cretan Getaway

The Troulis Royal Collection is bringing the best in Greek hospitality to Crete once again. The Royal Senses is the

image courtesy of Globe & Trotter

The Troulis Royal Collection is bringing the best in Greek hospitality to Crete once again. The Royal Senses is the latest luxury resort on this Mediterranean paradise, blending the rugged beauty of the island’s topography with the smooth opulence of a high-end stay.

The Family Commitment

The Troulis Royal Collection is co-owned by the family troupe of brothers Zacharias, Kostas and Manolis Troulis, who work to provide a welcoming experience that transcends the standard getaway — while keeping home at the heart.

“We are fully committed to our responsibility to the island, its people and our cultural heritage,” the brothers collectively stated. “We wish to show guests all sides of the Cretan identity and embed ourselves purposefully into the texture of the island.

The Royal Senses

a still shot of The Royal Collection
Photo courtesy of Globe & Trotter

One hundred and seventy-nine villas and suites make up the grounds. Earth tones with wicker accents and the subtle palate of natural materials create a connection to the island unmatched by general accommodations. The Royal Senses has already earned recognition for its incorporations of local-made furniture, accessories and designs, as well as the earthly feng shui worked into each room by architects Nikos Peppas and Katerina Tsiolaki, of Peppas N Architects and designer consultants HBA/Hirsch Bedner Associates and Constantina Tsoutsikou.

Juxtaposing the impossibly blue Aegean Sea is a collection of pools. Villas enjoy the intimacy of a private pool per room, while shared pools dot the grounds and play a pivotal role in the envelopment of leisure The Royal Senses creates for its guests.

The Dining and Drinking

As one of the beating hearts of Greek culture, the cuisine is well represented in the resort collection.

The Main Restaurant: Get the day started on a bright note with breakfast and a Greek coffee. Dinner service is essential, with ocean views and 

The Cretan Lamb: Sample the country’s signature meat dish at this skewer spot, perfect for bringing large groups to tuck into shareable plates and platters.

Marketplace: Get all of the thrills of the local market on the resort premises. Pop-up shops cycle through to showcase their interpretations of traditional Greek cuisine, while offering all of the charms of local market fare.

Trading and Evolution: Another a la carte choice, Trading and Evolution is all of the comfort foods of family gatherings paired with wine.

Not to be forgotten, the bars of the resort constitute relaxation alongside the rest. The Snack Bar by the Aqua Park is the perfect refreshment break in the action. The Lobby Bar welcomes newcomers with gorgeous refreshments at the jump. The Pool Bar replenishes any energy the sun sapped while lounging, while the Night Bar kicks up the evening within cocktails and music.


The Experiences

The Troulis brothers aim to bring the same passion and dedication to their home island to the resort collection’s unique activities.

The Farm: Bring “farm to table” a whole new meaning at The Farm, Crete’s ecosystem paradise and the source of the resort’s fresh ingredients. The Royal Senses invites its guests to harvest their next meal by picking their own fruits and vegetables, and learn to barbecue it at the mitato hut close by.

Aqua Splash Park: Let the little ones frolic through waterslides, pools and trampolines at this kid-friendly oasis.

The Spa: Enjoy the decadence of tradition with a “Cretan Spa” treatment. Each bath is enriched with a 40-herb blend for a therapeutic enhancement.

The Royal Blue

As the illustrious sister property, The Royal Blue sets the precedence for serene elegance on the Cretan coastline. While its younger complement focuses on the social joviality of travel and relaxation, The Royal Blue is a haven for comfort, with its own marina anand three private beaches accessible to guests of both resorts. 

The Island

Panormo is the coastal town that lines the northern shore of Crete. Located just minutes from the nearby town of Rethymno, Panormo houses the hospitality heavens of The Royal Collection and their amenities. The juxtaposition of the island’s rugged natural charms with the quaint villages of Chanis and Heraklion afford access to history and escapism that Cretan locals take great pride in sharing.