The Top 5 Scariest Movies to Watch This Halloween

All this talk about Halloween certainly piques our interest in what fall festivities will be available this year and all


All this talk about Halloween certainly piques our interest in what fall festivities will be available this year and all the yummy treats and smells of the season. The one event that perhaps half of the world looks forward to is a cozy night in relaxing and eating pizza before, BAM, you’re scared to death and can’t leave the side of your movie buddy. What are we talking about? A night of Horror Movies of course!

One of the biggest staples to the Holiday is movies that fill you with fright or bring you back to some old halloween classics. We may not all love horror movies because let’s face it, some of us can’t handle someone’s head getting chopped off! For all you gruesome movie lovers and laid-back Halloween movie lovers, we some top picks of Halloween movies that will surely be the perfect entertainment for a night in.

The Halloween Classics


We shall start off slow with our first pick for your perfect Halloween movie night. Whether you are itching for horror with suspense, romance, or good old-fashioned acting, look no further because we have a movie that will check all those boxes because Hitchcock has something for you. PSYCHO, is by far one of the greatest horror movies of all time in both originality and intrigue. The 1960’s film features a young Janet Leigh playing the lead role and potential victim of real serial murder Ed Gein.

The history of Psycho being based on true life events gives the movie a whole new meaning and a whole new level of the creeps. The movie has inspired many other horror films and has been nominated over four times for Academy Awards. Psycho certainly leaves a memory in your mind and makes you not want to take a shower in an empty house.

Up next is one of the main things from the 70’s we simply can never forget. Directed by William Friedkin, the Exorcist is among many horror films that are on the must-see list. A girl possessed by an unknown being, a mother freaked out, and two priests coming to the rescue, how could that not make you look over your shoulder twice? We aren’t exactly sure what is so fascinating about being demon-possessed however if that’s for you, the Exorcist is a good place to start.

Suspense  over Horror


Horror movies can sometimes be too much for some of us however a good movie for Halloween can be hard to come by for this specific preference. Suspense vs. Horror in our eyes is the scare minus the gruesome details, agreed? Suspense is equally thrilling as horror just in a different capacity and boy do we have some movies that are sure to leave you paranoid, minus the sickening feelings. Silence of the LambsHalloween, and The Shining are some of the most talked-about and successful suspense films in history.

These classics are among the must-sees for Halloween plus some of the best film works of art. Our top picks this Halloween all come from the genres of Oscar Award winners simply because they are the best. The Invisible Man, Joker, and Us are two popular films that have been on the screens since last year and are quite spectacular. “The Invisible Man” features a young woman fearful of a controlling lover, “Joker” is a name we surely all known the meaning of from the famous Batman brand and “Us” zooms in on a woman’s worst nightmares come true. 

A good scare, you surely will have however these films focus on a strong story as opposed to scaring the viewers for an entire 120 minutes. You will be on the edge of your seat and be startled here and there but they are worth the watch.

The Definition of Halloween


Halloween is different to everyone but the classic meaning of Halloween is downright to be scared to death. Your thrills in life we can’t help with but as far as movie suggestions, we have just the selection of movies that center around the true inspiration of Halloween. CandymanThe Conjuring, and Sinister were created between the ’90s and 2012. As older movies they aren’t on the forefront of movie watchers’ minds however, boy are they scary. Both Candyman and the Conjuring have continued to make sequels and different versions of the original movie meaning if they scared someone good enough a few years back, they will scare you today. A newer bunch of Halloween Horrors have combined everything we love from movies of all genres and placed them in one cinematic film. Tugging at our romantic side, playing into a human’s biggest fears, and manipulating a focused mind, our present-day horror film thought of everything.

Matriculate, honest, and far from cheesy is a film that features a main character who tugs at our heart strings.  A writer who lost her hearing at 13, the world around her was always perceived differently but none the less she was self-sufficient and enjoyed life. Hush, shows the writer enjoying a nice vacation in the woods all alone. Not before long, the young woman realized she is not alone and must use her other four senses to protect herself from a masked intruder desiring to see her dead. The film rocks and is not only horrifying but quite inspiring. We aren’t out of the woods yet because our next pick takes place in a cabin, yup you picked right, Cabin in the Woods.

A trip with friends turns out to be a horrific time for the group in the film. Innocent and frightened, the group gets more than what they bargained for on this “vacation” but yet again all horror film characters do. A two-letter word closes out our top picks for this Halloween season in a film featuring a clown and a balloon. It has been a talked-about film over the last few years with the first movie out in 2017, the second in 2019 and the third to potentially be released in 2022. It pokes at the inner childhood fear of a terrible birthday party clown but with a grown-up twist that is sure to make you lock your doors and jump at the slightest sound. ,