Things to Keep — And Leave Behind — In 2023

The new year is more than just a fresh start. It’s a time to ditch old habits and leave negativity


The new year is more than just a fresh start. It’s a time to ditch old habits and leave negativity in the rearview, while holding on to the positive, happy aspects of the previous year. While not an exhaustive list, these are some of our keeps and discards for 2023, as inspiration for your next-year.


Keep: Wide-legged pants

Gen Z is revered for bringing back the baggy cut that is oh so forgiving. Denim, linen and even polyester fabrics are at the top of the fashion food chain, and should remain there in the new year.

Leave: Extreme health challenges

Taking on restrictive health changes, like the 75 Hard or Whole30, are not a one-size-fits-all endeavor. Don’t feel compelled to cut out major food groups or adopt grueling exercise schedules for the sake of a challenge.

Keep: Filters that encourage confidence

TikTok got one thing right with its CapCut features. The slow-motion allure and smooth songs are fun to watch, and make everyone included look fabulous.

Leave: Filters that don’t

AI generated filters are fun, but they don’t portray realistic body images. Take heed when downloading the apps and software that transform photos.

Keep: Bucket hats

Bucket hats look good on every head shape and can be styled in several ways, from hiking staples to casual chic.

Leave: Low-rise jeans

A few celebrities are trying to sneak low-slung denim back into the latest haute couture, and nobody should stand for it. The style went out in the early 2000s and should remain back in the past.

Keep: Adele

Adele’s return to the stage was long-anticipated, and her “Weekends With Adele” residency in Las Vegas is worth the money spent. 

Leave: Andrew Tate

The supposed “male rights activist” has come under fire with serious criminal allegations, not to mention an unpleasant and toxic value set that nobody asked for. He’s not just left behind; He was never invited.

Keep: Overnight oats

Variety is the spice of oat life. 2022 brought us more ways to eat oats than ever before, from sweet, candy-inspired versions of overnight oats to savory baked oats and everything in between. 

Leave: Vegan egg substitutes

Forget the fact that celebrities endorse fake eggs. Scrambling tofu and healthy starches to replace eggs — which are both healthy choices — are overshadowed by oil-heavy, additive-filled products.

Keep: Jobs you love

Now that remote work hybrids are the new norm, creating an ideal job is a positive dialogue that deserves to be continued in 2023. Even in-person exclusive roles are seeing some extra romance with work-life balance encouragement.

Leave: Wearing the “corporate baddie” aesthetic all the time

Blazers belong in the daytime, not at a nightclub. Fast fashion brands have pounced on the trend and are producing cheap, colorful variants of standard workwear that are harmful to the environment.

Keep: Making coffee drinks at home

Nothing will ever top a coffee on the go, but the picture-perfect coffee stations and fun tools that turn everyone into an at-home barista are worth the investment — plus it could save on coffee in the long run.

Leave: Butter boards

Not only is this a messy presentation, but the mixing of germs is not a sanitary win for party hosts. Plopping butter straight onto a wooden cutting board also begs the question — is it cute, or will it ruin the board?

Keep: The Cottagecore lifestyle

No need to move to the rural countryside to embrace this trend. Get back in touch with the simple life by making more food from scratch, adopting DIY home crafts or simply spending more time outdoors.

Leave: Modern farmhouse decor

Shiplap bathrooms, barn doors and “live, laugh, love” wall art are done to death. Home decor types are so varied and attractive, there’s no reason to stick to outdated, generic styles.