Jack White Kicks off Third Man Records New London Location

Jack White kicked off the opening of Third Man Records’ new London store, venue, and European HQ over the weekend

Third Man Records

Jack White kicked off the opening of Third Man Records’ new London store, venue, and European HQ over the weekend in typical visually stunning White style. The opening marks an exciting new chapter for Third Man Records and the direction White is taking his life in. White recently launched a new art and design company, forever proving that Jack White is more than a musician. 

Third Man Records New London Location

Third Man Records

This new venture for Third Man Records is a visually stunning, multi-use location. Located on Marshall Street in the historic Soho district of London, the newest location is the third for Third Man. There are also locations in Nashville and Detroit. Included in the new location is a shop, a music and performance venue, and a headquarters for the European branch of Third Man.

Per Variety, “The store, now officially open to the public, was designed by White, who recently launched Jack White Art & Design via a comprehensive multimedia website, alongside the Third Man group of artists. The store was conceptualized and created throughout 2020 and 2021 during the Covid-19 pandemic.

In addition to previously-announced titles from the likes of Paul Weller, David Ruffin, The Jesus & Mary Chain, Cornershop, Gina Birch of The Raincoats and the lost Manchester group The Magic Roundabout, Third Man has added a limited edition, screen printed jacket version of The White Stripes Peel Sessions on double vinyl in celebration of the opening.”

Jack White + Art & Design

Third Man Records

White rocked out to celebrate the opening, and to christen the new Blue Basement venue. In honor of the venue’s theme, White’s hair was blue too. There as an invite-only event within the venue, but afterwards they moved the concert outside and played on a balcony owned by neighbor Damian Hurst, wowing locals with a free concert. When Jack White moves into a neighborhood, he leaves an impression.

For the more intimate performance inside, White brought out classics like, “Hello Operator,” “Why Can’t You Be Nicer to Me,” and “Icky Thump” plus solo comps, “Sixteen Candles,” “What’s Done is Done,” “Love Interruption,” and “I Cut Like a Buffalo.” The neighborhood was invited to hear, “Dead Leaves And The Dirty Ground”, “We’re Going To Be Friends”, “Seven Nation Army” and “Steady As She Goes.”

This is the first UK record store for Third Man, but not the only big thing White has been up to lately. The singer/songwriter is also an artist, and recently launched a website for Jack White Art & Design

Building an Art Empire

Third Man Records

White’s new art and design company is a multi-medium display of his extensive skills. A press release shares, “Largely confined to private work over the past 20 years, Furniture & Upholstery offers first-ever public views of projects including an office chair restored in 2014 for Woodland Studios owners Gillian Welch and David Rawlings; an original Sam Phillips Recording studio couch, refurbished by White at the personal request of the Phillips family; the one-of-a-kind Warrior Chair, White’s first design contribution to the showroom of the Dallas company Warstic (which he co-owns with founder Ben Jenkins and Golden Glove second baseman Ian Kinsler); the Aluminum Chair Set, a series of four chairs hand stained and refinished by White during the pandemic lockdown of 2020; and the Triple 78 Chair, a very personal, and ultimately deeply cathartic project for White in which he pays tribute to the structure of Third Man Records itself.”

With the launch of the new Third Man Records location and White’s official branch out into the art and design world, one half of beloved band The White Stripes is making a glorious comeback, albeit in a slightly different style this time.