Tiffany & Co. Taps New Global Ambassador: Blackpink’s Rosé

Tiffany & Co goes K-Pop: the luxury jewelry brand taps one of the queens of K-pop as a new ambassador.


Tiffany & Co goes K-Pop: the luxury jewelry brand taps one of the queens of K-pop as a new ambassador. Tiffany & Co. announced last month that Rosé, member of the wildly popular group Blackpink, would be heading their 2021 Tiffany HardWear Campaign. The opportunity has Rosé excited, and ready for her new role with the world-famous luxury jewelry brand. Rosé, whose real name is Roseanne Park, will be the fresh face of the New York City-inspired digital campaign. 

Blackpink’s Rosé


Park was born February 11, 1997 in Auckland, New Zealand. Musically inclined from a young age, Park learned piano and guitar, and sang in choirs as a child. When she was 7, Park’s family moved to Melbourne. In 2012, Park’s life would change forever. The then-15-year-old traveled to Sydney to attend an audition for YG Entertainment, where she finished 1st out of 700 participants. Within two months, Park had dropped out of school, signed with YG, and moved to Seoul to pursue her career.

Park spent 4 years training under the guidance of YG’s talent team, before making her debut as a member of the group Blackpink in 2016. Despite Blackpink’s rocket to fame, Park maintained acclaim as a solo singer, and debuted her own solo album earlier this year. 

Blackpink is the highest-charting female Korean act on the Billboard Hot 100. The band, comprised of members Park, Jisoo, Jennie, and Lisa, peaked at number 13 with Ice Cream, and on the Billboard 200 at number two with The Album. The Album‘s success marks the first-ever occurrence of a Korean girl group selling more than one million copies.   

Blackpink has been remarkable as a K-pop sensation because their fame has spread well beyond the normal sphere of k-pop influence. In the US and UK, the group has been acknowledged with awards and has an ever-growing fanbase. As a member of Blackpink, Park has risen to world fame, and her partnership with Tiffany & Co. is the newest stop on her train to success. 

Tiffany and Co. Tap Rosé as Global Ambassador

Last month, Tiffany made the announcement that they would be tapping Park for their 2021 Tiffany HardWear digital campaign. As the global ambassador, Park’s signature blonde tresses and fierce style will launch the campaign forward on a new path. A statement for the partnership shares, “Based on a 1971 bracelet from The Tiffany Archive and having debuted in 2017, Tiffany HardWear is inspired by the edge and energy of New York City. The campaign highlights the collection’s gauge links and industrial shapes—bold designs that play with tension, proportion and balance.

Emanating strength and confidence, ROSÉ wears the collection’s graphic 18k yellow and rose gold links accented with pavé diamonds. Tiffany chose ROSÉ to star in the new campaign for her bold personality and modern style influence—as someone who embodies the attitude and identity of the collection.”

Super excited about the opportunity, Park spoke with People who asked her thoughts on the modern and funky NYC-inspired collection. Per People, “‘I’m very interested in layering my necklaces these days; nothing does it better than the HardWear collection,’ she says. ‘I think small things in my everyday life inspires me the most. It doesn’t have to be anything grand but something that’s effortlessly embedded in our lifestyles. Which is why I feel much more drawn to the HardWear collection’s industrial shapes. I love how intricate and edgy the design is.’”

And in the announcement, Park adds with her signature class and decorum, “I’ve always loved wearing Tiffany jewelry. To be part of an iconic brand that has been part of my life for a long time makes it that much more special to me. I am very honored and excited to be a part of the HardWear campaign and I can’t wait for everyone to see it.”

K-Pop Stars Take the Fashion World by Storm


Park’s ambassadorship is exciting for her, Blackpink, and the world in general, but she’s not the first K-pop icon to rep a fashion brand. In fact, Park herself has partnered with other brands before, last year starring as the face of a Saint Laurent campaign. And groupmates Jennie and Lisa have had their own time helming fashion campaigns, with Jennie the face of Chanel Beauty in 2018 and Lisa fronting a Celine Essentials campaign. 

And it’s not just the ladies of Blackpink making fashion waves; world-renowned guy K-pop sensation BTS was the face of a Louis Vuitton house campaign, lauded by famed LV designer Virgil Abloh. And K-pop royalty G-Dragon was one of the first collabs between Chanel and the world of K-pop. 

For Park’s part, she’s excited about the campaign. The star, who is regularly featured on “most fashionable” and “best dressed” lists, loves using jewelry as a finishing touch. “Jewelry is always a lot of fun. You’ll never know how the outfit looks like until you add the jewelry,” she says.  And in a way, Park is the finishing touch for Tiffany’s HardWear campaign.