TikTok and Other Social Media Influencer Stars Align to Celebrate Pride Month

Pride 2022 has officially kicked off, and across the country and world people are flying their rainbow flags high. Across

TikTok and Other Social Media Influencer Stars Align to Celebrate Pride Month

Pride 2022 has officially kicked off, and across the country and world people are flying their rainbow flags high.

Across the internet, LGBTQ influencers and allies are also celebrating Pride. Many are sharing awareness or information, but some are just celebrating love and living authentically out loud. Here are some of the biggest Pride influencers you'll want to favorite on social media asap.

TikTok Stars Align


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TikTok may be the most Pride-friendly platform out there. It's the playground of Gen Z, the generation most loud and influential in their support of LGBTQ issues, and the platform has stepped up to pride support for their content.

Just last week, TikTok announced 12 social media stars as LGBTQ+ Trailblazers as part of their Pride Together celebration.

These content producers are users who "creatively drive awareness to important causes and spread encouragement and empowerment."

We picked our 5 favorites, although all 12 users should be given a follow for the best inclusive content (and their channels are listed below):

  • @kevintnorman: (he/him) TikTok said of Kevin, "Kevin Tyler Norman is a queer Latinx book content creator who combines humor and his love of reading to help promote diverse and queer stories. His goal is to inspire people to read more, introduce them to LGBTQ+ books, and amplify queer voices."
  • @dylanmulvaney: (she/they) TikTok shares, "Dylan Mulvaney is a trans Broadway actress, comedian, and content creator. When the pandemic hit, she turned to TikTok to find creativity, and now highlights her transgender journey in her Days of Girlhood series. Dylan's greatest hope is to bring trans and non-binary stories to the stage, screen, and beyond."
  • @iamdrebrown: (he/him) TikTok writes, "DeAndre Brown is a 22-year-old creator who uses his platform to shed light on how Gen Z is changing corporate America in a humorous way. He also motivates his followers (aka "Corporate Baddies") through his 'car talks' where he promotes putting yourself first and finding self-love."
  • @theemuses: (She/Her/They and She/Her/They) per TikTok, "Thee Muses (Adrienne Muse and Janeeka Muse) are your favorite queer aunties that surround you with positivity and protection. Their influence inspires people to value self-love, strength, and spirituality."
  • @zayaperysian: (she/her/hers) TikTok shares, "Zaya Perysian is a Black trans woman who creates educational videos to help de-stigmatize the lives of trans women on TikTok. Zaya has transparently documented her full transition process, highlighting her struggles and obstacles, and inspiring her community along the way."

Others on the list of 12 who you definitely should also follow right now are:

  • @dannylovespasta
  • @asianchipskylark
  • @chrissychalapecka
  • @cylovesfrogs
  • @megan.mitchellll
  • @naomiheartsxo
  • @printfairy.

For the full list with information and links, click here.

YouTube Stars Celebrate Pride

Although YouTube is increasingly less popular with Gen Z, there's no shortage of LGBTQ and ally-related content on the platform. Some of the best influencers to pick up on YouTube and add to your "frequently watched" lineup include:

  • Nikkie Tutorials: Nikkie is a transgender makeup artists known for her bubbly personality and open approach to talking about her experiences.
  • Living Rosa: This channel follows the lives of a pair of married moms and their four little girls. The channel description writes, "This channel is a glimpse of our journey through life. Join us as we adventure through our days."
  • Steps of 2 Foreigners: The channel follows gay couple Adam and Bernardo as they travel and share their adventures. The channel description explains, "Hello! We are Adam (North American) and Bernardo (Brazilian) and we are husbands whose paths crossed back in 2016, when we both still lived in Brazil. Since the very beginning, we shared a common passion for traveling and nature, which has only grown over the years and has inspired us to create this amazing community on YouTube that we are beyond grateful for. "
  • ItsLex_: This channel follows ciswoman Lex and her transgender husband Val, including honest insights into what it was like when Val came out as transgender and then went through transition. Their channel shares life experiences as well as parenting content.
  • Matt and Blue: With Matt and Blue, viewers can follow the family's experience with small town living in Colorado. Per their channel, "Hey! We're Matt Dallas and Blue Hamilton, the dynamic duo you know and love: Matt and Blue! We enjoy making content that shows our everyday life, whether it be a new camping adventure, a fun DIY home project, or cooking up the tastiest new recipe for our son."

YouTube is full of content creators who are LGBTQ and most of them provide Pride-related content with inclusive messaging and positive support.

Although YouTube is often criticized for toxic content, positive LGBTQ content is one of those areas where the platform does things right.

Instagram Won’t Be Forgotten

Of course while they don't often get the viral chatter that TikTok and YouTube enjoy, Instagram is another place where LGBTQ content creators find to share their lives and messages. Here are some of our favorites to follow today:

  • Munroe Bergdorf: Bergdorf is one of the UK's first major transgender supermodels. She shares images of her work on Instagram and speaks out on LGBTQ issues.
  • Justin and Nick: The gay couple provides most of their travel and lifestyle content through Instagram but has also branched out onto YouTube. Their YouTube channel writes, "We are boyfriends who have a big following on Instagram but we want to share our lives more than just in pictures! There are plenty of ways to contact and interact with us! Join us on our travels and fun!"
  • ChellaMan: Chella's IG bio explains, "artist. curator. director. producer. author of Continuum. Deaf. trans. Chinese. Jewish." Also posting on YouTube, Chella translates popular songs into American Sign Language and offers messages of inclusivity and healing.
  • OnceUponaJourney: Rox and Maartje share their experiences as a lesbian couple through travel.
  • AmbersCloset: Also producing YouTube videos, Amber calls herself a "certified weirdo" but is beloved by fans as she talks about LGBTQ issues, fashion, comedy and everyday life.

This year's Pride is a celebration both on- and off-life of love and tenacity.

Even as LGBTQ individuals face nearly 300 bills across the country looking to restrict their rights and access to healthcare, Pride reminds the world that love endures – and overcomes.