TikTok Superstar Noah Beck to Star in New Reality Show: ‘Noah Beck Tries Things’

TikTok superstar Noah Beck is trying something new and different: his own reality tv show. The 19-year-old’s new show, “Noah

Noah Beck Reality Show

TikTok superstar Noah Beck is trying something new and different: his own reality tv show. The 19-year-old’s new show, “Noah Beck Tries Things,” premieres today on Awesomeness TV, and will feature episodes of the young star – you guessed it – trying things. 

Beck’s Awesomeness TV Series

Beck’s new foray into reality TV begins today on AwesomenessTV. Beck’s new six-episode series will feature Beck’s friends, they will guide the TikTok star through a series of bootcamp-like displays of their personal areas of expertise, and Beck will try them. 

People reports, “‘I’m super excited,’ Beck, 19, tells PEOPLE of the six-episode series, which premieres on AwesomenessTV’s digital platforms on Friday. ‘My friends take me through a little bootcamp of what they’re good at, and then they grade me at the end. You’ll realize that I need to work on some things, but it was really fun.’

As the social media star tries his hand at new skill sets, he enlists the help of some special guests, including YouTuber James CharlesDance Moms alum Mackenzie Ziegler and his girlfriend Dixie D’Amelio.

Beck’s Love Life and TikTok Rise

Noah Beck

Speaking of girlfriend D’Amelio, she and Beck seem to be going strong. Beck in October, news broke that they were officially a couple, after months of fan speculation. 

Although Dixie and her TikTok Queen sister Charli D’Amelio have recently been in the news for making the ill-advised decision to travel amid the COVID-19 pandemic, at home Beck and D’Amelio seem to be making things work. 

Beck spoke with People about his relationship and his struggles to overcome the negativity that superstardom can bring; “‘The amount of times we’ve gotten like, ‘Oh, this is just a publicity thing,’ ‘ Beck tells PEOPLE. “But Dixie and I love each other. We’re just like any other normal teenage couple. Yes, we have a huge spotlight on us, and it gets overwhelming — like these constant comments. But other than that, we’re just two teenagers in love with each other and couldn’t be happier.’

But Beck says he’s still learning to navigate living his life in the public eye and tries not to let negative comments get him down.

‘Sometimes, I don’t even open my comment sections, because I don’t want to see,’ he says. ‘There’s no point in me seeing these negative things and kind of just doing it to myself. I can’t take any of this personally.’”

As of right now, Beck has just over 24 million followers on TikTok and a staggering 1.5 billion likes on his content. One year ago this month, Beck was just starting his channel and was more, “hometown sports jock,” than, “international social media influencer superstar.”

Where is Beck Going From Here?

You can’t talk about Beck’s present without talking about his past. And in his recent past, Beck has created buzz via an explicit photo shoot that had fans questioning what his future projects would look like.

But while Beck may be ready to capitalize on his good looks and carefully-maintained physique, acting is what he’s hoping to pursue. In his interview with People about his new show, Beck explained, “‘I want to be a movie star. I want to be an actor, and that is my goal now. With acting will come modeling and stuff like that. That’s where I see myself in a few years, hopefully,’ he says. ‘It’s shooting for the stars, but hopefully maybe receiving an Oscar in a few years. That’s the goal.’”

But for now, the next step is, “Noah Beck Tries Things.” Beck tells fans what to expect; “‘You’re going to see me rap a little. You’re going to see me cook,’ he says. ‘You’re going to see me try putting makeup on one of the biggest makeup gurus in the world — so that one should be quite a show.’

‘Then, you’re going to see me try to be the best boyfriend I can.’”

All we have to say to that is, “aww!” Beck’s show premieres today on AwesomenessTV on all of their digital platforms.