Tom Sandoval and Raquel Leviss Are Still Together According to Convincing Fan Theory

The Tom Sandoval and Raquel Leviss “Scandoval” affair that rocked the “Vanderpump Rules” world is over. Or so they say.

Kristen Doute Tom Sandoval

The Tom Sandoval and Raquel Leviss “Scandoval” affair that rocked the “Vanderpump Rules” world is over.

Or so they say.

One fan theory – and some eagle-eyed sleuths – believe that Sandoval and Leviss are still together, despite all protestations to the contrary.

Ever since news broke of the scandal on March 3, fans have divided their recounting of show events into two timelines: B.S. (Before Scandoval) and A.S. (After Scandoval).

In the B.S. timeline (aptly named), Sandoval was living with his partner of nine years, Ariana Madix. And recently-single Raquel Leviss was out shooting her shot with available guys.

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But apparently, she wasn’t just eyeing available guys – she was eyeing pal Madix’s guy.

And as the Scandoval news revealed, Leviss and Sandoval were hooking up right under Madix’s news, for seven long months.

Of course, fans have questioned the timeline and what we know about the scandal. And there are foundational questions about the affair itself which remain unanswered.

Here’s a quick recap of the biggest questions surrounding Scandoval, and then we’ll look at why fans think they’re together now.

Tom Sandoval Raquel Leviss still together

  1. Reports suggest that the pair are not together now. Page Six announced on May 17, the day that the “Vanderpump Rules” finale aired, that sources have confirmed that Leviss and Sandoval have “broken up.” But reps for the pair have been publicly mum on the situation, which is unusual. After all, it would be good PR for them to release statements confirming that they’re not together, right?
  2. People suggests that Page Six got it all wrong. On May 17, hours after Page Six claimed that the pair had broken up formally, People posted their own contradictory summary of events. An anonymous source reportedly told the magazine, “Tom and Raquel never put a label on their relationship to begin with. After their affair was exposed and the blowback they received, they said that before defining things, they needed to take time to address the issues in their own lives that drove them to this in the first place. And that’s where things still are.” So were they together, did they break up – what the heck is going on?

Fans think they have the skinny on what’s going on, since are pretty much discounting anything Sandoval and Leviss say about the situation.

And they’re not the only ones.

On “Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen,” Madix said she doubted that Sandoval and Raquel’s relationship was truly over, and revealed that Raquel had been communicating with Sandoval via snail mail.


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Host Andy Cohen asked if she believed she affair was over, and Madix scoffed, “I don’t buy that at all. She was sending letters to my house like four days ago.”

And fans think they’ve cracked the secret relationship after doing some sleuthing of their own.

On May 29, Instagram account @QueensofBravo posted a photo from a fan that suggests Sandoval and Raquel are still at least on speaking terms.

In the pic, Sandoval is seen on a plane holding his phone. Fans with burning curiosity zoomed in on his phone screen to reveal that he was reportedly on a call with a contact named “Raquel Leviss.”

Do you usually call ex-affair partners while trying to move on from a scandal that rocked your entire world?

Maybe you do, if you’re Sandoval.

Or maybe they’re still getting busy on the down low.