Tom Schwartz Rethinking Friendship with Tom Sandoval After Scandoval Fallout: ‘I’m Taking a Break’

The explosive Season 10 reunion finale episode for “Vanderpump Rules” aired this week, and boy was it a doozy. A

Tom Schwartz Scandoval
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The explosive Season 10 reunion finale episode for “Vanderpump Rules” aired this week, and boy was it a doozy.

A coda interview with Raquel Leviss completely set the original Scandoval timeline on fire, as she admitted to sleeping with Tom Sandoval many times – and as early as the trip to Mexico.

Leviss, who chirped that she was admitting the truth because she “hates lying,” threw fuel on the fire of what was starting to settle down.

And during the on-stage interviews with the cast, Sandoval himself stirred outrage and disgust after a jab at ex Ariana Madix over their sex life.

Throughout the episode, Sandoval tried to protest that he and Leviss only had sex “once,” and that they were not “f–king” regularly.

At one point, host Andy Cohen asked Sandoval if he had sex with anyone else since sleeping with Leviss, to which he answered no.

But Madix chimed in that she had slept with him in that time period.

Sandoval, with the empathy and social awareness of a withered potato, responded sarcastically, “She kept her t-shirt on. It was really hot.”

The entire cast erupted in disgust at his mockery of Madix, and even his best friend Tom Schwartz leaned forward in horror and buried his face in his hands, muttering, “Don’t say that, dude. Don’t say that.”

And it would seem that Schwartz’s disgust in his once-bestie continued after filming wrapped, too.

Page Six reports, “Tom Schwartz is re-evaluating his friendship with Tom Sandoval.

The ‘Vanderpump Rules’ star revealed he hasn’t seen or spoken to his business partner and BFF in ‘a little while’ despite standing by his side amid backlash over his bombshell affair with Raquel Leviss.

‘He made a big mess and he left it for us to clean up,’ Schwartz said on Wednesday’s episode of’ ‘When Reality Hits with Jax and Brittany.’ ‘It’s hard for me not to be resentful of him … I’m taking a break from Tom right now.’

When host and former co-star Jax Taylor pointed out that Sandoval seemingly ‘took advantage’ of Schwartz’s ‘kindness,’ Schwartz, 40, agreed, saying he felt ‘used’ by his friend.”

Schwartz told the podcast hosts and co-stars, “In this case in particular, I really do feel like he exploited me.” Schwartz says he became an “unfortunate confidant” in the “vile” scheme.

And some of Schwartz’s disgust is based on Sandoval’s behavior since they finished filming.

Schwartz says Sandoval does regret the affair, but isn’t acting like it after he went on a whirlwind tour in pursuit of his dreams of being a rock star.

Schwartz told Jax and Britney, “I know he’s very passionate about the band but the optics of it — not even from my point of view but people see that he’s up there and he’s singing his heart out with his shirt off. It just looks like he has no contrition, it looks like he just doesn’t give a f—k and he is living out his rockstar dreams.”

The best explanation, of course, is that Sandoval has no real contrition and no serious regrets.

While he poured out the tears for a proper sob on stage while apologizing to Madix, he was joking backstage, smirking with Leviss, and hugging her just moments prior.

That’s the kind of friend you take a very, very long break from.