If You Need the Perfect Backdrop for Your TikTok Vids, These 10 Hotels Will Spark Your Imagination

Every TikToker is looking for an edge on the competition. Something unique that makes them stand out from the thousands

If You Need the Perfect Backdrop for Your TikTok Vids

Every TikToker is looking for an edge on the competition.

Something unique that makes them stand out from the thousands of others trying to corner their niche and gather viewers. If you're looking for a unique destination to set out a siren call for viewers, to set the tone for your channel and show people the beauty of travel and love of life – these 10 hotels are right up your alley. Check out these destinations and make plans to film against the perfect backdrops and tags to get the algorithm churning in your favor.

Ritz-Carlton Maui, Kapalua, Hawaii

We have to kick things off in tropical paradise, obviously. This Ritz-Carlton property is even half off right now, so strike while the iron is hot and set up your perfect TikTok background against the breathtaking wonder of natural beauty that is Hawaii. From standard rooms all the way up to the Ritz-Carlton Suite, guests will find themselves wrapped in soft sand tones and soothing luxury, the perfect place to shoot that "going to bed looking perfect" vid.

The Allison Inn & Spa, Oregon

Everyone talks about Napa Valley and California wines. But did you know that Oregon has its own brilliant wine country? In the heart of those rolling hills lies the Allison Inn & Spa, a luxury resort in Oregon that offers 77 deluxe guest rooms and 8 suites for visitors to choose between, and the perfect wine country experience. Set your TikTok shot up with the sprawling vineyards behind you or film in one of the Inn's beautiful rustic-meets-modern destinations. At The Allison, guests know that their comfort is top priority, and it's easy to feel creative when every inch of your body is relaxed – and good wine is at your fingertips.

Alila Napa Valley, California

Yes, we know – we just put down Napa Valley to build up Oregon. But we're sorry, Napa – our hearts belong to you too. At Alila Napa Valley, guests can enjoy the singular flavor of California's most flavorful wines and feel suspended somewhere between the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles, and the sweet getaway of Tuscany. At Alila, every room is an oasis and every bite you take will fuel your soul and your imagination. From the pool to the vineyards, the rooms and back again, every backdrop at Alila is the ideal TikTok setup.

Four Seasons Resort Scottsdale at Troon North, Arizona

At the Four Seasons Scottsdale at Troon North, guests can enjoy the artful meeting of desert wilderness and urban luxury. Maybe your channel focuses on working out, fine dining, exploring the desert or relaxing by the poolside – Four Seasons Scottsdale has you covered on all fronts. Each room offers a cool haven to escape the desert heat, and the perfect place to show off your digs on TikTok.

Moxy Hotels Times Square

If your channel focuses on big city living or vacationing the Moxy Hotel Times Square in NYC is right up your alley. With a view of the famous street and a charming rooftop bar known as Magic Hour, Moxy Times Square is the ideal center hub for your TikTok trip of the Big Apple. Set your backdrop against the towering skyscrapers of the city, the delicate and playful art of Magic Hour, or the luxury of your room – you can't go wrong with a background shot of Moxy on TikTok.

Resorts World Las Vegas, Nevada

At Resorts World Las Vegas, guests can find everything they desire at their fingertips. Resorts World has created a city-within-a-city, with over 117K square feet of gaming space, 5 pools overlooking The Strip, a massive shopping District, dozens of dining options and more. Even a tag of your location is sure to boost your viewer engagement, as Resorts World is one of the hottest places to be in the world right now.

Fontainebleu Miami, Florida

At the Fontainebleau Miami, history meets the future. One of the city's hottest destinations, the Fontainebleau is the perfect place for vintage seekers and beach lovers alike. And the hotel places you right at the heart of one of the world's most desirable nightlife scenes, so your party can go all night. Lay back in your luxurious bed and film your, "best day ever in Miami" vid or turn and let your viewers drool over the azure ocean just outside of your window. With the Fontainebleau, the perfect shot is just a turn away.

Mandarin Oriential, Hyde Park, London

Perhaps what your viewers want to see is something with a little European history. At the Mandarin Oriental, Hyde Park in London, guests will find themselves immersed in the majesty of British architecture and hospitality. At Mandarin Hyde Park, guests can enjoy lovingly restored historic details and a singular view over the world-famous Hyde Park, plus modern amenities fit for a queen. Strap on a cocktail dress, lift your tea high – don't forget the pinky – and show your viewers what the high life looks like in British royalty. Or curl up with a good book and remind the world that your channel is about leisure and loving life. You can do both, we won't tell the algorithm.

Bulgari Resort, Bali

At Bulgari Resorts, Bali, your viewers will be green with envy – or maybe the reflection of the green coming from your videos as they press their faces against their phones to get a closer look at the paradise around you. Bali is a beautiful destination anyway, but the Bulgari Resort in Bali creates the perfect atmosphere blend of ancient tradition and comfort. Sit on a stone tier above the ocean, stroll the lush property or dip your toes in the picturesque pools; your viewers will be glued to the screen during your time at Bulgari Bali.

In the heart of a camphor forest near Shanghai, Amanyangyun is the culmination of a loving work of restoration and preservation. Located in what was once a series of antique Ming and Qing villas, the interior of the resort is breathtakingly beautiful – artistic blends of mid-tone woods, neutral tone fabrics and modern lines with traditional details throughout. With the kind of views you can't beat at every turn, viewers will tune in eagerly to see your Amanyangyun lives or vids – and ask for more.