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According to a report by Bloomberg, Kylie Jenner, a prominent celebrity influencer and entrepreneur, is considering the possibility of repurchasing


According to a report by Bloomberg, Kylie Jenner, a prominent celebrity influencer and entrepreneur, is considering the possibility of repurchasing Coty’s 51 percent majority stake in her cosmetics brand, Kylie Cosmetics. Coty had acquired this majority stake in 2020 for $600 million. This development marks Jenner’s attempt to regain creative control over her brand, which has seen significant changes since the partnership with Coty.

In a video transcript discussing this potential move, Yahoo Finance’s Brooke DiPalma, Alexandra Canal, and Pras Subramanian delve into the dynamics of this significant development in the cosmetics industry.

Kylie Jenner, a member of the Kardashian-Jenner family, is renowned for her influential presence in the beauty and fashion industry. She gained fame through her appearances on the reality TV show “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” and has since become a notable figure in the world of cosmetics and fashion. Jenner’s brand, Kylie Cosmetics, is known for its makeup products and has enjoyed immense popularity, especially among her substantial social media following.

Coty, a major player in the beauty industry, acquired a majority stake in Kylie Cosmetics in 2020. This move was part of Coty’s strategy to expand and globalize both Kylie Jenner’s and Kim Kardashian’s beauty businesses. However, as discussed in the transcript, conflicts over creative control appear to have arisen, leading to the possibility of Jenner repurchasing the majority stake.

This development reflects a broader trend in the entertainment and beauty industries, where celebrities are increasingly seeking to reclaim ownership and creative control of their brands. In addition to Kylie Jenner’s endeavors, Kim Kardashian is also exploring the repurchase of the 20 percent stake that Coty holds in her skincare line, Skin by Kim.

The future of Kylie Cosmetics and its potential return to Jenner’s creative control will be closely watched by industry experts and fans alike, as it may reshape the landscape of celebrity-driven beauty brands.

When Coty initially acquired a majority stake in Kylie Cosmetics in 2020, it was seen as a strategic move to harness the global appeal and massive social media following that both Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian wielded. Coty aimed to capitalize on the popularity of these celebrity-backed brands, expanding their reach and product offerings.

However, conflicts related to creative control have apparently strained the partnership, leading to the possibility of Jenner buying back the majority stake. This situation reflects a growing desire among celebrities to regain ownership and creative direction over their business ventures. The move to reclaim control allows these celebrities to steer the brand in their preferred direction, rather than adhering to corporate decisions.

In the case of Kylie Cosmetics, the brand’s initial meteoric rise to popularity included the rapid sell-out of products and a strong presence on social media. Still, as Alexandra Canal mentioned in the transcript, the hype around the brand may have dimmed in recent years.

The cosmetics industry is highly competitive and subject to trends and shifts in consumer preferences. Jenner’s potential buyback of the brand could rejuvenate its image and offerings, aligning it more closely with her vision and personal brand identity.