The Top 10 Places You’ll Want to Flex on Instagram This Summer

If you're big into social media, you know that summer and winter are two of the biggest times of the

The Top 10 Places You'll Want to Flex on Instagram This Summer

If you're big into social media, you know that summer and winter are two of the biggest times of the year to hustle for your followers.

With picturesque opportunities at every turn, summer is the perfect time to flex your worldly wisdom and show your followers that you are the person who will take them on a vacation right from their own phones. Or if your brand is simply your lifestyle, now's the time to show that you're on top of the world – and opportunities are just at your fingertips.

So for the best and most Insta-worthy places to visit this summer and flex to your followers, CELEB gathered this Top 10.

10. The Wulingyuan Scenic and Historic Interest Area in China

This breathtaking destination in the heart of China is more timely than ever. After all, the dizzying mountains inspired one of the top films of all time: Avatar.

And in 2022, Avatar 2 is hitting the big screens – so it's the perfect time to make a pilgrimage to the place that inspired it all. A UNESCO World Heritage site, Wulingyuan has sparked conversations about conservation and preserving the natural beauty of the world – a legacy you can only appreciate for yourself in person. But tread lightly and leave nothing behind but memories.

9. Venice

Venice, one of the most romantic cities in the world. Instead of being crisscrossed by streets, Venitians move around through a series of canals. The city sits below sea level, and is sinking by the year.

As global warming threatens the future of Venice, the city should be on your "now or never" list – it may not be around the next time you think to visit. With beautiful historic architecture and an experience you can find nowhere else in the world, Venice is the perfect place to lean back in a gondola and show your followers a rapidly disappearing way of life.

8. Waldorf Astoria Monarch Beach

Recently brought into the fold of Waldorf Astoria properties, Monarch Beach abuts the Pacific Ocean in California.

The sprawling property sits atop a cliff overlooking the wind-toss'd waves, and guests can enjoy award-winning golf, spas, dining – or just kick back in your luxury room and snap some pics of what it looks like to slow down and rest when you're jet-setting around the world.

7. The Louvre

One of the most photographed museums and art galleries in the world has to be the Louvre in Paris, and its appeal hasn't waned in time.

Aside from the opportunity to photograph yourself in front of some of the most beautiful historic pieces and art in the world, the building itself is worth a snap. Visitors have photographed themselves in front of the famed glass pyramid for generations, but it's time to bring this beauty back and grace the trending pages of Instagram – there's nowhere else like it in the world.

6. New Zealand

One place that's probably on everyone's bucket list but only recently re-opened after COVID is New Zealand. It's one of the most beautiful untouched destinations in the world, with a relatively small population density compared to sprawling ecosystems of wilderness beauty.

New Zealand's popularity as a destination reached new heights after it became the on-location filming for the visually feasting Lord of the Rings and Hobbit trilogies, and it offers extreme variation in natural beauty so you can capture whatever Instagram picture you had in mind. Island life, mountain hiking, wilderness trekking, or weird animal sighting? New Zealand has you covered.

5. Resorts World Las Vegas

If urban is more your speed and you're looking for a resort that will cater to your every need without leaving the property, the newly opened Resorts World Las Vegas is the perfect place to be.

Right now especially is the perfect time for some Insta-worthy vacationing as the hotel is proudly displaying 26 baby elephant statues in honor of conservation and protected species efforts around the globe. Don't wait too long though; this beautiful little herd is on its way out on Labor Day, so get your visit in while the summer heat is up.

4. Brickell City Center

Across the continent, Miami continues to be the new up-and-coming hotspot for nightlife, cuisine, and art. Recently adding a Formula 1 circuit, Miami's place as a cultural hub in the decades to come is now a sure thing.

And the beating heart of that hub is Brickell. The city-within-a-city is modern, artsy, and cool – the perfect place for some background pics or some art and cuisine appreciation.

3. Reykjavik

If you want a break from the summer heat and don't mind another off-the-beaten path destination, Reykjavik should be top on your list. The capital of Iceland, it's a city slowly coming awake to its beauty and potential as a cultural center.

But if it's the Northern Lights you're looking for, you'll need to return in cooler months. It never gets properly dark in Iceland during the summer, so while you can snap and share the midnight sun, you'll struggle to get a good shot of the Aurora in the 24-hour glow.

2. New York Botanical Gardens

Everyone who visits New York City thinks of the obvious; Broadway, 5th Avenue, the Statue of Liberty. But in the heart of the urban center lies a relaxing oasis: The New York Botanical Gardens.

And this summer, the Gardens are hosting an art exhibit by the name of Around the Table: Stories of the Foods We Love. Artists from the Bronx have created picnic tables with artful spreads that tell the story of their lives and experiences. It's the perfect Insta-worthy backdrop and cultural experience.

1. The Maldives

But in 2022, Instagram influencers are reclaiming the concept of luxury. The perfect place to flex your luxury-minded lifestyle is in the island nation of The Maldives.

A breathtaking chain of islands with everything from UNESCO wild wonder to contrived and perfectly planned resort options, the Maldives is the perfect place to snap your Instagram-worthy profile pic and show the world you know how to enjoy the finer things in life. Waldorf Astoria has a property in Ithaafushi and you can take pictures in your overwater bungalow, on the beach, or setting out on a boat to explore the beauty sea-green and royal blue waters, quite unlike anything else in the world.

Although our list requires some far-afield travel no matter where you call home base, they're all the perfect places to set up the ideal shot and show the world that you know what it means travel and enjoy life – and inspire others to do the same.