Travis Barker’s Daughter Alabama Accused of ‘Cosplaying Hood’

Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker’s 17-year-old daughter Alabama Barker has an impressive following on social media. With four million followers, the

Alabama Barker claps back

Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker’s 17-year-old daughter Alabama Barker has an impressive following on social media.

With four million followers, the aspiring influencer is dipping her toes into the career track that made her father famous, and trying her hand at making music.

But unlike dad Travis, Alabama’s skill lies in rap – and her first forays into the genre have people scratching their heads and accusing the teenager of “cosplaying” that she’s “hood.”

She has previously shared snippets of her music in livestream, and she has told fans, “I did write this all by myself in my room.”

@alabamabarkerIm posting the top 10 i like on my story♬ original sound – Alabama barker

Recently, Alabama posted a snippet from her new original rap song. Part of the lyrics read, “But listen, who the f–k you talking to / I’m Alabama, get to know me, I might sp-z on you.”

In the track, she’s lip-syncing along with the song in her bathroom mirror.

The lyrics and her markedly diferent new appearance have some people crying foul.

On Twitter, one follower wrote, “alabama barker rapping like she tryna make it out beverly hills.”

Another added, “if i were a rich white girl i’d be lounging at country clubs or shopping with my friends like them girls from white chicks, i be so confused when they go this route.”

Another Twitter user replied to the above, “and they’re always talking about things they’ve never experienced … please tell me when alabama barker, travis barkers daughter, has ever spent one day in the ‘ghetto.'”

And yet another follower wrote, “the funny thing about alabama barker is that she has nothing ot be hood about. you are the child of celebrities & grew up wealthy, so this rap thing is mad weird like she’s cosplaying.”

Other followers had more serious criticisms to level at the teenager, with some accusing her of trying to leverage Black culture to boost her music, and others accusing her of Blackfishing due to recent changes in her appearance.

One said, “girl yo daddy is travis barker not travis scott.”

Another shared older photos of Alabama looking decidedly different and captioned them, “Like pls just be a white girl.”

More comments included, “black women are really the most influential,” and, “It’s so weird Alabama barker is rapping. she dated one black man & rode in his car one too many times, I can tell!” And another said, “The girls are really getting good at their black girl cosplay. Like they are really committing!”

Some fans just want to see her try a different genre – perhaps something more like dad Travis, along the lines of punk or rock.

For now though, Alabama is just doing her thing. While there are valid criticisms to be made about privileged youngers who make rap music – after all, rap music is considered the voice of the streets – she’s still a minor, and people are expecting her to have self-awareness that many people years her senior still lack.

Of course, maybe they’re just hoping that father Travis steps in and helps her understand where she’s going wrong – according to some fans. But maybe if she feels confident enough, she will eventually team up with her father and create another generation of Blink-182 music.

After all, she’s got a beautiful voice – and a lot of potential. But cultural appropriation ain’t it in 2023, so there needs to be a balance.