Donald Trump Seemingly Confesses Guilt on TWO Crimes

Donald Trump has been pushing hard to avoid accountability for a number of crimes over the past few years. Technically,

Donald Trump confesses crimes

Donald Trump has been pushing hard to avoid accountability for a number of crimes over the past few years.

Technically, he’s been doing it for decades.

But never has his legal (criminal) peril been as high as it is now.

And as someone who’s used to dodging responsibility for civil issues, he’s trying to defend himself – and confessing to crimes in the process.


Teflon Don is Used to Walking Away Mostly Unscathed

Donald Trump confesses crimes

Trump is used to being the man who can “shoot someone on 5th avenue” and get away with it.

While he once joked about it, it’s somewhat true. Trump’s nickname “Teflon Don” is a bitingly truthful nickname about how good he is at getting out of accountability.

Civil accountability, that is.

But now Trump is facing an entirely different beast – major investigations from the Department of Justice, and high-ranking attorneys in Georgia and New York over huge potential crimes.

And it won’t be as easy to dodge paying the piper this time.

But Trump, used to getting away with whatever he has in mind, is trying to use the same defenses he always does; deflect blame and try to suggest that his motives were altruistic.

This time, though, that tactic has him confessing to crimes.

Not once, but twice – this week alone.

Donald Trump Confesses to Crimes

Yesterday, Trump took to Truth Social to blast the jaws of indictment closing in around him, writing, “These Four Radical Left investigations of your all time favorite President, ME, is just a continuation of the most disgusting Witch Hunt in the HISTORY of our Country. No different than the RUSSIA, RUSSIA, RUSSIA HOAX, the UKRAINE, UKRAINE, UKRAINE IMPEACHMENT SCAM, the SPYING ON MY CAMPAIGN, the ‘NO COLLUSION’ MUELLER REPORT, etc. Whether it’s the MAR-a-LAGO RAID, the UNSELECT COMMITTEE HOAX, the PERFECT GEORGIA PHONE CALL, or the STORMY ‘HORSEFACE’ DANIALS EXTORTION PLOT, ALL SICK, FAKE NEWS!”

After Trump wrote that on Truth, former FBI general counsel Andrew Weissmann tweeted that Trump claiming he was extorted by Daniels is an admission of guilt.

Weissmann then spoke to MSNBC’s Nicole Wallace, where he elaborated.

Raw Story reports, “After his tweet, Weissmann spoke to MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace, making the same case but also recalling that Trump bragged he could commit murder and sexual assault and still get away with it.

‘Let’s just remember, for Donald Trump, there haven’t been consequences,’ said Weissmann. ‘There have been civil lawsuits and so far no criminal consequences. So, for somebody who is at that age, who realized that he can say whatever he wants and there are no consequences. I think that’s what we get. We get these things that, obviously, from a prosecutor’s perspective, are potentially very incriminating. I totally agree with the take on his statements that they can be used against him, in the same way he is now embracing the idea that he was an extortion victim and thinks that’s going to be a defense in a Manhattan criminal case when it’s actually an admission.'”

Over the weekend, Trump suggested that former VP Mike Pence was to blame for the January 6 insurrection.

And Weissmann then explained that Trump also recently confessed to another crime, adding, “the real goal, it seems to me, is you have a complete authoritarian who has learned that he can say anything and everything and can blame Mike Pence for following the law and saying because you followed the law, you caused me to have to break the law, and so it’s your fault because if you had only violated the law, I won’t have been forced to engage in an insurrection.”

Raw Story adds, “Speaking to MSNBC, the Lincoln Project’s Tara Setmayer said that in his attack on Vice President Mike Pence, Trump claimed that if his VP only broke the law, the attack on the Capitol wouldn’t have happened.

‘So Trump is basically saying, yeah, that mob was there to kill you if he didn’t give me the election, and the proof is they came to get you. And if I’m a Department of Justice lawyer, I’m writing that down,’ she explained.”

Trump is used to people letting him get away with a number of civil infractions, which have a different burden of proof and investigative process.

But trying to use those same tactics to dodge accountability with the Department of Justice has to be keeping his lawyers awake at night.

Trump Fears Impending Indictments

One behavioral analyst on Twitter pointed out that Trump’s lawyer is warning the Department of Justice not to indict, because it will guarantee Trump’s return to the White House by pushing up fundraising and fanatic support among the ultra-MAGA crowd.

But the expert points out that if you’re Trump and you know that being indicted will return you to the White House, you’re not going to be asking the DOJ not to indict. You’re going to hope that they do.

So the fact that his lawyer is asking the DOJ not to indict suggests that Trump is afraid of being indicted – and doesn’t even believe his own line that it will return him to the White House.

Those fears seem entirely valid.