Trump Promotes Another Violent Assault on US Government and Goes for the Jugular of Ron DeSantis in Truth Rant

UPDATE: Florida Governor Ron DeSantis unequivocally rejected claims of the 2020 election being stolen, directly contradicting former President Donald J.

Donald Trump

UPDATE: Florida Governor Ron DeSantis unequivocally rejected claims of the 2020 election being stolen, directly contradicting former President Donald J. Trump and his supporters. This marks a departure from DeSantis’ usual approach, where he often refrained from acknowledging the election as fairly conducted and skirted around the subject when asked about Trump’s defeat. However, in a recent response to a reporter’s question after a campaign event in Northeast Iowa, DeSantis stated that the theories alleging election fraud were “unsubstantiated” and that they did not prove to be true.

Ron DeSantis

Though DeSantis did not mention Trump by name, the implication of his statement was evident. This shift in DeSantis’ tone comes on the heels of Trump’s recent arraignment on charges related to his efforts to overturn the 2020 election results. While courting Trump’s voters, DeSantis had previously criticized the prosecution as politically motivated and expressed his reluctance to see Trump face charges. However, his latest remarks suggest that Trump’s legal troubles may have influenced his political calculations.

Orignal Story [Feb. 1, 2023]: Donald Trump may have just stuck his foot in his mouth big time on Truth Social.

The former POTUS has been building a defense for two years now that suggests he was unaware of what the rioters had planned for January 6, 2021, and that he’s not responsible for their violence or lawbreaking.

However, Trump just shared a post on Truth that proves not only is he aware that his supporters are violent, but he wants to signal boost the concept of another violent takeover.

It was a terrifying transportation back in time to the days leading up to January 6, and a red flag for the country as to what may be coming if Trump doesn’t win the 2024 nomination or Presidency.


Donald Trump Goes for the Jugular of Ron DeSantis

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Before taking a look at Trump’s promotion of January 6 version 2.0, it’s important to take note of who he spent the most time attacking amid his sleepless midnight posting frenzies: Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

As poll after poll shows DeSantis overtaking Trump and coasting to supremacy in the GOP, Trump has gotten more and more enraged at what he sees as a “disloyal” challenge for power.

Trump didn’t hold back yesterday, first blasting the Governor himself and then sharing comments from other people doing the same.

Trump wrote around midnight, “Remember, I was 233-20 in the Midterms, and got 1.2 Million Votes MORE than Ron DeSanctimonious in the Great State of Florida. Also, 12 Million MORE Votes in 2020 than in 2016, and Won!”

And then early Wednesday morning, Donald Trump shared a post showing a poll where he beats DeSantis in a theoretical primary matchup for 2024.

Trump captioned the post, “Thank you. The real Ron is a RINO GLOBALIST, who closed quickly down Florida and even its beaches. Loved the Vaccines and wasted big money on ‘Testing.’ How quickly people forget!”

And supporters showed up in droves to agree. Trump began re-Truth-ing comments from supporters, which is an unusual move for him, but it seems clear he wanted to drive home the point.

One user Trump shared said, “Totally agree 💯 % , people need to do there research, DeSantis is fake and a globalist.”

Another wrote, “You need to go back and look at his history. You will change tour mind. He is a RINO. Paid opposition to keep Trump from saving America. A vote for DeSantis is a vote for the establishment.”

And yet another wrote, “He’s a globalist dude. Don’t be fooled. He supports Ukraine and criticized Trump on his foreign policy. Trump kept everyone in check and didn’t start any wars….well he did rage a war against the DS but that’s a good thing. Dems have nobody that can stop Trump so they are using Ron.”

But the one Trump shared that elicited the most shock and disgust came next.

Donald Trump Promotes Another Violent Insurrection with Zero Irony

Donald Trump Shares a Post on Truth Social Promoting Another Violent Insurrection on February 1, 2023

It hasn’t been long since the January 6, 2021 attempted insurrection at the US Capitol.

The day is vividly seared in the memories of most adult Americans as one of the times when the country came the closest to ceasing to exist as we know it.

Trump has worked hard to promote the idea that he neither organized nor supported the violence that erupted that day.

But he just completely dissolved any defense he could have made saying he didn’t know or didn’t support violence – by sharing a post on Truth Social.

The post, a comment from a user supporting Trump in a head-to-head against DeSantis, not only shows that Trump supporters are fine with violence, but they’re ready to go for another January 6 – and Trump is completely on board. The user replied to a comment suggesting liberal Democrats would fight to keep Trump out of office again.

The comment, by @freeTX1776, reads, “Then they will have to figure out how to fight 80,000,000 + it’s not going to happen again. People my age and old will physically fight for him this time. What we got to lose ? I’ll donate the rest of my time here on this planet to do it. And I know many many others who feel the same. They got my 6 and we Are Locked and LOADED.”

It’s a shocking and blatant admittance by the former POTUS that he’s aware of the violence of his supporters and ready for round two.

The question is: is anyone paying attention?