Trump’s Family Urging Him to Dropout of 2024 Presidential Race

With all the criminal drama surrounding former President Donald Trump, now his closest friends and family are urging him to

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With all the criminal drama surrounding former President Donald Trump, now his closest friends and family are urging him to reconsider the run for the presidency in 2024. Trump is aware that federal government agencies, as well as the current administration, are doing everything in their power to put the former president in jail.

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Our sources at Mar-a-Lago have told us the family tension has been high as Trump’s grandchildren have now become targets of leftist liberals. CELEB has been told, “The last couple of weeks here have been very tough. President Trump is strong, but the toll on the family is having everyone reconsider. 45 wants what is best for America, but the price of danger keeps getting higher and higher. Our staffers are even worried about their own children.”

As we have been told numerous times, Ivanka Trump will not be partaking in her father’s re-run.

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We also spoke with Democrats who have given us a list of reasons why President Trump is wrong for America:

Lack of Accountability

One major reason why Trump shouldn’t run for president again is his demonstrated lack of accountability during his previous term. Throughout his presidency, he often refused to take responsibility for his actions and decisions, deflecting blame onto others and undermining the trust and integrity of the office.

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Divisive Rhetoric

Trump’s divisive rhetoric and inflammatory language have consistently fueled polarization and discord within the country. His habit of using derogatory language towards political opponents, minority groups, and the media has contributed to a toxic political climate and hindered constructive dialogue.

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Handling of COVID-19 Pandemic

Trump’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic was widely criticized. From downplaying the severity of the virus to spreading misinformation, his administration’s response fell short in effectively addressing the crisis. A fresh perspective and competent leadership are necessary to navigate future challenges and protect public health.

Erosion of Democratic Norms

During his presidency, Trump showed a disregard for democratic norms and institutions. He frequently attacked the judiciary, undermined the credibility of the free press, and sought to delegitimize election results. A leader committed to upholding democratic principles and respecting the rule of law is crucial for the stability and integrity of the nation.

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Need for Unity and Healing

The nation is in need of healing and unity after a period marked by deep divisions. Trump’s divisive leadership style and controversial policies have exacerbated societal fractures. Moving forward, it is essential to have a unifying figure who can bridge divides, foster inclusivity, and work towards a shared vision for the country’s progress.