Trump Goes on a Frenzied Tirade over Cocaine Discovery at the White House

Former President Donald Trump launched an enraged diatribe after cocaine was discovered at the White House. In a post on

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Former President Donald Trump launched an enraged diatribe after cocaine was discovered at the White House.

In a post on his social media platform Truth Social, Mr. Trump expressed disbelief, saying, “Does anybody actually believe that the COCAINE found in the West Wing of the White House, in such close proximity to the Oval Office, is intended for anyone other than Hunter & Joe Biden?”

He further predicted that the “Fake News Media” would downplay the significance of the find, claiming they would depict the amount as “very small” and suggest it was merely crushed aspirin instead of cocaine. He also questioned if the special prosecutor, Jack Smith, known for his strong opposition to Trump, had been seen near the cocaine, going as far as to label him a “crackhead.”

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Previously, it was reported that prosecutors, under the special counsel’s guidance, might bring additional criminal charges against the former president, ranging from 30 to 45 counts. These charges would be in addition to the 37 already levied against Mr. Trump for alleged mishandling of national security information after leaving office.

In another unsubstantiated claim, Mr. Trump questioned the whereabouts of “1,850 BOXES of Documents” that President Biden allegedly refused to disclose, as well as documents allegedly found in Chinatown, D.C., and Biden’s unsecured garage where Hunter stayed while China purportedly sent millions of dollars to the Bidens for unspecified reasons.

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Mr. Trump then demanded the release of White House security tapes that he claims would reveal the source of the cocaine. He claimed the answer was already known but insinuated that it might be inconvenient for those involved.

While classified documents were found in President Biden’s previous residence and office, his attorneys promptly alerted the government and cooperated in returning the files.

Laboratory testing confirmed that the white powdery substance, which led to a temporary evacuation of the White House, was indeed cocaine. The US Secret Service, responsible for White House security, confirmed this through a spokesperson, Anthony Gugliemi.

The Secret Service is conducting an investigation into the origins and circumstances surrounding the presence of cocaine in a public waiting area of the West Wing. Officers from the Secret Service Uniformed Division discovered the substance late Sunday, prompting their swift action.

The incident took place while President Joe Biden and his family were away at Camp David, the presidential retreat, during the holiday weekend. They returned to the White House late on Monday after participating in various Independence Day events.