Donald Trump Rants About ‘the ‘N’ Word’ in Early Morning Truth Frenzy

The weekend before last, former President Donald Trump warned supporters that he would be arrested. Obviously, that didn’t happen –

Donald Trump surrender

The weekend before last, former President Donald Trump warned supporters that he would be arrested.

Obviously, that didn’t happen – and likely was never going to. But he seemingly achieved his goal, which was fundraising millions in the days after the announcement and firing up his MAGA base.

Over the weekend, Trump told supporters in Waco, Texas, that he was off the hook – but his posts since then show he doesn’t believe that himself.

And the former POTUS has been posting nearly nonstop overnight, suggesting that his anxiety is galloping away with him – understandably so. One such post this morning had the former POTUS ranting about “the ‘N’ word,” but it’s probably not what you think.


Donald Trump Rants About Variety of Topics, Including the ‘N’ Word

Donald Trump n word

Trump seems frustrated and anxious. It would appear that the former POTUS didn’t sleep at all, or slept very little, Sunday night into Monday morning.

The former President was firing off posts fairly regularly throughout the night and early morning hours, but there was a brief break between 5AM and 8AM EST during which he may have slept.

But the 8AM post was a bit of a doozy.

Trump wrote, “Here we go!!! Just as I predicted, now we’re playing with the ‘BIG STUFF.’ The ‘N’ WORD is now being used, front and center. This situation was caused by us – It’s what happens when you have incompetent people running your government. All I can say to you right now is, PRAY!”

The “N” word, of course, is not traditionally used to suggest “nuclear,” but rather a racist epithet used against Black Americans.

But Trump seems oblivious to using the word so egregiously inappropriately, hoping to stir up fear that World War III is looming.

His refers to news which broke over the weekend that Russian President Vladimir Putin is moving tactical nuclear weapons to the border of Belarus, an ominous and unmistakable threat to Ukraine.

Trump also suggested several times that there is election interference occurring as investigations against him continue. But it’s only arguably election interference because his announced his candidacy so unusually early – a point lost on few people.

Waco Rally Becomes Ominous Promise of Retribution

Trump appeared at a rally in Waco, Texas. Waco was infamously the site of a standoff between law enforcement and a religious cult which led to the deaths of dozens – 28 of whom were children.

Intercept explains, “Every revolutionary movement needs martyrs. needs martyrs. The modern U.S. militant right­ has long had its own, and the most important among them have been dead for three decades: the 70-plus men, women, and children killed in the spring of 1993 at the conclusion of a 51-day government siege at a compound outside the Central Texas city of Waco. They were members of an armed Christian sect, unfamiliar and isolated, and for many Americans, Waco was another footnote in the country’s long history of violence. In the worldview of right-wing militancy, however, Waco is foundational: a gory testament to the dangers of gun control and the deadly power of federal authorities. Waco fueled the rise of the militia movement in the 1990s and inspired the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995; it continues to influence contemporary militant thinking.”

The fact that Trump started his campaign in earnest in Waco, on the 30-year anniversary, is no accident.

It’s an appeal to the most violent and most disaffected among his supporters – a promise that he will reap what the Waco cult sowed decades ago.

In Waco, Trump spoke on a variety of topics, including promising to ban transgender care, attacked Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, baselessly called the New York investigation “prosecutorial misconduct,” vowed to end the Russian invasion of Ukraine, and said he would prevent World War III.

In an echo of promises made in the past, Trump told followers, “I am your warrior, I am your justice.” He added, “For those who have been wronged and betrayed … I am your retribution.”

The theater of the event, the culture war topics Trump is seizing on, and his desire to put his potential indictment in New York at the front and center of his presidential platform all point to a Trump who is frightened and hoping to build a meat shield of supporters between himself and – ironically, given his self-imposed title – justice.

Supporters will have to figure out for themselves whether he’s the justice they were promised – or they’re the way he hopes to avoid justice.

To start his campaign in a place where so many people died violently for extremist religious beliefs is an open dog whistle, one even his supporters have to start to wonder about and grapple with their part in.

For now, everything seems to be in a holding pattern. Until the grand jury votes on whether to indict or not, Trump has to wait with the rest of the world.