Trump and NELK Boys Video Pulled From YouTube After Trump Warning

This week, former President Donald Trump sat down with influencer collective the NELK Boys. In the FULL Send podcast interview,

Trump and NELK Boys Video Pulled From YouTube After Trump Warning

This week, former President Donald Trump sat down with influencer collective the NELK Boys. In the FULL Send podcast interview, Trump dished on all things Russia, Ukraine, the media and more – and then issued a warning. 24 hours later, the video was pulled from YouTube for violating community standards and the internet exploded in an uproar. What was in that interview that was so volatile that YouTube removed it; and what was the warning Trump issued? Here’s a look at what you want to know about the Trump/NELK interview deemed “too hot” to host.

Trump and the Nelk Boys Dive Deep

Trump NELK

With Russia and Ukraine on everyone’s mind, host Bob Menery didn’t waste any time asking the heavy questions – and Trump was happy to answer.

CELEB shared the interview recap live as it aired:

They jump right into the nitty gritty, talking Venezuela, taking oil from them – and Russia. Trump explains, “if you would have told me just a short while ago that we’d have barrels at $30 a barrel,” adding, “It’s like a rocket ship going up. And that’s costing the world.”

Trump doesn’t mince words on Russia and Ukraine, saying, “What’s happening now is horrible. What’s happening in the Ukraine is genocide, nobody seen anything like it.” Under Trump’s watch, the former president says, Putin never would have invaded. “War or no war, energy prices would have been low. Energy dominance.”

Trump was questioned, “why wouldn’t there be a war, because you were in office?”

Trump responds, “No, I told him ‘Don’t do it.’ …We look weak, we look stupid, we look like we don’t know what we’re doing.”

From there, they chatted about the former president’s plans for 2024, and he revealed that his fans – and a lot of people, in fact – would be “very happy” with what he was planning for 2024. Many believed it was confirmation of his candidacy for 2024 and the yard signs began going up again all across the country.

However, Trump couldn’t help but talk about the media – and that’s when things strayed into “violating community standards” territory.


A Warning: They’ll Come After You

Donald Trump debate

Trump spoke about the election and repeated his oft-cited claim that he in fact won the election, robbed of victory by rampant voter fraud and corruption. Trump then claimed that due to his comments about the election, he would be silenced by the media. This is what YouTube says violated their community standards for “misinformation” and ultimately caused the video to be pulled.

However, it would appear the president was prescient. During the interview, he issued a warning:

Trump tells the team that he’s issuing a test, and he’s going to watch the outcome; “Let’s see what happens to you when you say you’re interviewing Trump …let’s see what happens when you get hit by the crooked media.”

The former president adds, “The press should be the policemen of a country, like for the corruption. They don’t report corruption, they don’t talk about the laptop.”

But Trump has good news for his fans, even if he worries that the Nelk Boys interview will go down – which, by the way, the Boys assure him it will not – he adds, “We have more people out there than they do, we do. …and the people are really angry at what’s happening in the country.”

And then – the video was removed.

YouTube Pulls the Video; Internet Reacts

It would seem that Trump’s warning came true; he said the media would censor the NELK Boys, and then the video was taken down. It racked up a whopping 6 million views before being pulled, and Trump appeared on Fox News’ Sean Hannity last night to address the incident.

He said, “the podcast got six million views and YouTube removed the video. They are hot as a pistol, this show, six million hits in a short period of time. [I told the Nelk Boys] it will be taken down. This is not free press. Big tech is a disaster. This is what they do in Russia. We don’t have free press either. Four young guys, great show, hot people. Dana White only knows about hot. [Big tech] has taken away the voice of the people … not supposed to happen in this country.”

Today, free speech advocates are dragging YouTube for their decision to remove the podcast, and host Menery said, “I’m done.” 

Hopefully, Menery isn’t done for good; NELK Boys remain one of the most famous and beloved YouTube collectives and they continue to draw huge guest stars like Trump for their FULL Send podcast. 

It remains to be seen what the future of the podcast video will be, but for now it stays down; YouTube hasn’t budged. Appeals will fly and free speech proponents will plead with the media giant to relent, but if Trump is right – this is just another in a long line of attempts to censor what he sees as the truth. While Trump’s claims are not backed by any solid proof, he has maintained his stance without flinching.