Trump Rages and Warns that a Tumble Into Oblivion is Coming Soon

Over the weekend, Donald Trump’s fury ratcheted to new heights, and he found himself raging and ranting on Truth Social

Donald Trump

Over the weekend, Donald Trump’s fury ratcheted to new heights, and he found himself raging and ranting on Truth Social about a variety of topics.

While Trump’s rants and rages are nothing new, they have taken a dark and ominous turn in recent months.

Lately, he doesn’t just rage about being treated unfairly – which is a common theme on his social media – but now he has been dropping ominous warnings about a tumble into “oblivion” for the country.

It’s an escalation of his usual tactics which include riling up his base and keeping them angry and scared – but is it working this time?


Donald Trump Warns that Oblivion is Near

Donald Trump oblivion

Trump’s warnings have always run the gamut from “immigrants will take your jobs” to “Democrats will ruin the country,” but in recent weeks they’ve taken an even darker bent.

The former POTUS is working hard to keep his base scared, angry and engaged – and it’s a tactic that has always worked well for him.

Over the weekend, Trump took to Truth to again poke the bear and keep people on their toes and worried about the future.

Worried enough, perhaps, to flock to the voting booths in 2024 and make sure gets another crack at the presidency.

Trump first revisited his belief that politically-motivated attacks increase against him when he’s doing well in the polls, writing, “MASSIVE & UNPRECEDENTED PROSECUTORIAL MISCONDUCT DUE TO TRUMP DERANGEMENT SYNDROME & BIG LEADS AGAINST BOTH PARTIES IN POLLS!!!”

Then he twisted the fear knife and ramped up worries that another election would be stolen. It should be noted that the 2020 election was valid and no significant fraud has been proven. But that didn’t stop the former POTUS from writing, “Crooked Democrat Prosecutors, many of them Racists in Reverse, are trying to steal a second Presidential Election. They did it in 2020, and we’re not going to let them do it again in 2024. MAGA!!!”

And then he got to the crux of the issue.

The one thing he believes will keep his followers fired up and crawling over broken glass to vote for him over in 2024: the idea that “radical, Marxist Democrats” are dragging the country kicking and screaming into oblivion.

Trump wrote, “This is the most dangerous time in the history of our Country. World War III is looming, like never before, in the very dark and murky background. ‘Leadership’ is solely responsible for this unprecedented danger to the USA, and likewise, the World. HOPELESS JOE BIDEN IS LEADING US INTO OBLIVION!!!”

Trump has long said that if he were still president, the country would not be facing international tensions with countries like China, North Korea or Russia.

And he has criticized President Joe Biden for failing to put an end to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, praising Russian dictator Vladimir Putin and saying often that he trusts Putin over US intelligence officials.

But continuing to stoke fears of impending World War III isn’t just a personal opinion – it’s a political tool, and a dangerous and callous one.

Donald Trump and the Fear Machine

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When Trump visited the site of the train derailment in Ohio, he was accused of turning a tragedy into a political grandstand.

After all, he’s not the President – he’s not even a currently serving politician.

He’s a political candidate, who used the scene of the derailment as a free press tour for his 2024 candidacy.

And he’s doing the same thing with Russia and the threat of World War III.

It’s not uncommon for political hopefuls to seize on current events and boast about how much better they would be at handling the situation than the current guy.

But Trump’s political promises go beyond the norm and well into territory of beating his supporters over the head with fear to get them to support his return to power.

Trump does best when his followers are angry, scared, and ready to break – and he’s been keeping them on the edge of that break for two years now.

While it used to work well for him, it would seem that a significant number of Republicans are getting weary of the constant onslaught of controversy and fear.

They’re looking increasingly to other options for 2024, including Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, Nikki Haley, and others who have made hints that they could be rivals for the presidency in 2024.

And this has also infuriated Trump, who then redoubles his efforts to scare his base into thinking his candidacy is a do or die issue.

Whether or not his supporters have the ability to sustain the level of fear and anger that he’s stoked until voting opens for 2024 is unclear.

But he has given them ample reasons to try.