Donald Trump Openly Admits Plans to Cheat in 2024 Election

Donald Trump’s clarion call over the past 3 years has been that the 2020 election was stolen from him illegally.

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Donald Trump’s clarion call over the past 3 years has been that the 2020 election was stolen from him illegally.

He has accused Democrats and Republican-in-name-only (RINO) rivals of cheating to rig the election and dethrone him.

But a new video released by Trump and shared to Truth Social is a shocking and worrying sign of what’s to come in 2024 – he’s already planning to cheat, and he doesn’t care if you know it.


Donald Trump Tries Every Defense and Tactic to Retcon Victory for 2020

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After the 2020 election, Trump and his team raised numerous questions about the validity, honesty and legitimacy of the results.

Trump whipped his followers into a frenzy on the false premise that the election was rigged, stolen, and dishonest.

As a result, his supporters attacked the US Capitol on January 6, 2021, attempting to stop the certification of the election results and keep Trump in power.

Their gambit failed, and hundreds of Trump supporters are now languishing in prison for a variety of crimes committed in his name.

Trump has tried to throw a variety of defenses at the wall, such as falsely saying he did not incite the violence and does not condone it. He has also falsely suggested that his supporters were actually peaceful protestors rather than violent rioters.

But now, it seems as though Trump has given up on trying to play innocent and he’s going to play dirty – and he’s fine with the nation knowing about it ahead of time.

Donald Trump Talks Ballot Harvesting
In 2021, Donald Trump discusses what he believes ballot harvesting means.

In a new video he shared to Truth Social, Trump accuses Democrats of using “ballot harvesting to cancel out your vote.”

He says they did it to “walk away with elections they never should have won.”

He adds, “they cheat, and they cheat like nobody’s ever cheated before.”

Trump admits that many states have banned ballot harvesting, to keep elections “honest and fair.”

He says, however, that in the states where it remains legal, “we have no choice but to beat the Democrats at their own game. It’s very simple. Either we start ballot harvesting or you can say goodbye to our country. You can just wave goodbye. Because Democrats would win every single election.”

Trump explains, “We have to get smart, and that’s why our campaign will fight back and start harvesting ballots in the states where the left has been cheating the system.”

Trump promises that “our harvest ballots will only come from legal registered voters who are American citizens. With your help, we will master the Democrats’ game of ballot harvesting, and we will win back the White House.”

The problem is that the way that Trump uses the concept of ballot harvesting is suggesting that it involves increasing the number of votes turned in.

But all ballot harvesting is – and it is controversial – is collecting the ballots of absentee voters and turning them into a precinct in a batch.

It’s more aptly called, “ballot collecting.”

But Trump is implying that they will find and increase their voters by doing this – suggesting that they’re comfortable with nefarious means.

In the past, Trump has talked openly about what he thinks ballot harvesting means – which is taking ballots from mailboxes and filling them out, then getting the voters to sign and turning in votes illegally.

And if that’s his definition of ballot harvesting, his suggestion that the Republicans do the same is a hint that legality isn’t the primary concern.

Even though Trump promises that they will only collect the ballots of legal voters, there’s no need. The groups he criticizes usually operate on a bi-partisan basis and collect ballots to help elderly and disabled people get their votes turned in – and they are completely unaware of the voters’ political inclinations.

Suggesting that there should be competing partisan ballot collectors is a concerning sign of what to expect in 2024.